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  1. Fortress Maximus

    Give me your best Dad jokes!

    Are there Sergals in this game? That wouldn't be good because some of us are lactose intolerant.
  2. Fortress Maximus

    The User above you is your maid/servant What would you order him/her

    I order you to take the day off. You've been working hard.
  3. Fortress Maximus

    The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?

    The button allows you to put being a furry as a gender.
  4. Fortress Maximus

    It's Time for Another "Good Idea, Bad Idea"!

    Bad Idea: be unkind to your neighbors. Good Idea: Carry a baby safely
  5. Fortress Maximus

    Ban the Person Above You

    Banned for being too basic
  6. Fortress Maximus

    The furson above you has been hospitalized, why?

    They closed the door on their tail on accident.
  7. Fortress Maximus

    Sergal Fursuit Options?

    Hello Everyone. I am in the market for a Partial Sergal Fursuit. I am searching for makers big and small to build my Sergie Boi. Please, I ask the community to give me some pointers and/or refer people who have or are will to make a Sergal. It does not matter to me whether they are open or...
  8. Fortress Maximus

    TBH, Can I change my name to @ThirstyForSergals?

    TBH, Can I change my name to @ThirstyForSergals?
  9. Fortress Maximus

    Ask the next person a question game

    I have never played Apex Legends but thanks to a quick google search imma go with Bloodhound because he looks lit. You get a billion dollars but you can't be a furry anymore, would you do it?
  10. Fortress Maximus

    Numbers until this thread post explodes!

    900 is missing a zero, other wise it would be a meme
  11. Fortress Maximus

    Interesting facts that no one needed to know

    Did you know that Godzilla has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  12. Fortress Maximus

    Finish the quote

    ...the sweet, sweet sound of cars swinging around the roads. You threw it against the wall like a...
  13. Fortress Maximus

    What item would the fursona above you drop?

    A Discombobulator from CSGO
  14. Fortress Maximus

    The Cookie

    *prints out cookie on cardboard and does a switch*
  15. Fortress Maximus

    Give a job to the furry above you!

    Firework Designer
  16. Fortress Maximus

    Game: bad genies

    Here you are, don't worry, it's just a scratch and it'll buff out. I wish I was a Protogen...
  17. Fortress Maximus

    Replace a word in the title of a movie/book/TV series with potato

    Transformers: Potatos in Disguise
  18. Fortress Maximus

    Make a sentence from five letters

    Guys Understand Reasons People Snap GIMPLOCK