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  1. Trix-Master

    Nah dragon otter may change sonas tho

    Nah dragon otter may change sonas tho
  2. Trix-Master

    Newest new. I'm so new. I'm also a NSFW artist.

    Welcome to the forums my guy, don't worry I swear ever day.
  3. Trix-Master

    New bat stoped by

    Welcome to forums bat friend!
  4. Trix-Master

    ☆-- a gay has entered the chat --

    Hey man welcome to the forum!
  5. Trix-Master


    TBH Rillia (being my current Sona rn) is probably going to be swapped with a Dobhar-chu (Mythical Otter). Thank you and I legit know nothing about that situation or the secret cult of Otter dragons, blz lead me to them. Nice to meet ya!
  6. Trix-Master

    Art Sales question

    @Glossolalia Oh okay, that makes sense. Guess I got price adjusting to do if I want to sell art on here.
  7. Trix-Master

    Art Sales question

    I was looking around to see where I may post my commission sheets + prices, and noticed a "Monetary Transactions only - starting at a minimum of $5!" Then got completely confused on what that meant (either wording or my Asperger's is acting up). Does that mean the minimal I can sell has to be...
  8. Trix-Master


    @SkyeLegs Thanks a whole ton Maned Wolf!
  9. Trix-Master

    Show me your fish and aquatic characters!!

    I technically have a ton because I have Otter characters, but I am gonna just post the dobhara-chu and Otter dragon
  10. Trix-Master


    @KD142000 @Water Draco Thanketh!
  11. Trix-Master


    @LadySajani Oh imma have that cookie! Thanketh @Nyro46 Noice!
  12. Trix-Master


    Hey, I am Trix-Master (Trix for short). I've been procrastinating on making a forum account on here because I wasn't very sure if it was going to be a good idea, but I am certain it's pretty chill. How you guys doing?
  13. Trix-Master

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    River Otter. Because they are squeaky babies and I love them so much.