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  1. LlCHT

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) 20$ Icons!

    most recent example !
  2. LlCHT

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) 20$ Icons!

    Finished icon for CrowvidKitty on Toyhouse !
  3. LlCHT

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling characters

    Hii I’m in need of a bit of cash atm and i have a few of my own designs and characters i no longer use that im looking too sell Note that prices are in USD and i can only take paypal as payment ! 40$ CS Zhimatu 50$ Cherry Blossom Dragon 25$ Fire Demon Doggo 10$ Fluffy Fairy Dog 10$ Bunny...
  4. LlCHT

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [OPEN 3/3] Canine Adopt + Leftover Adopts (5$-25$)

    1. 25$ fav.me: flatpriced doggo -open by LlCHT on DeviantArt 2. 10$ 3. 5$ Notes: - comment or dm me to claim - only accepting paypal - 1 comes with pngs of of flat colours and without the background once bought. - 2 and 3 are quite old and were never sold on my deviantart and dont come...
  5. LlCHT

    Hiring: Looking for Art. Budget:$30

    Hey, i have some commissions open on my da within your budget, feel free to check them out uwu fav.me: Commissions -open by Firstlmpression on DeviantArt
  6. LlCHT

    (Commission) Selling: 30$usd Feral/Anthro Fullbody Commissions

    Oh ! yeah, i'd absolutely draw your sona for you, feel free to shoot me a dm ! uwu
  7. LlCHT

    (Commission) Selling: 30$usd Feral/Anthro Fullbody Commissions

    i'm just in need of some extra cash right now for a trip so i'm opening these up for a little bit they'll look similar to the image above in lineart and colour but i'll add cell shading as well. im only doing feral animal creatures and anthro characters at the moment, sorry. slots 1. The...