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  1. Ivorytigress

    Picarto? Streaming with folks?

    I'm looking to connect with other artists, so I'm checking here (hopefully this is the right spot to post!) to see if any other artists are looking for a multi-stream partner or someone in general to chat with. 'u' I myself draw mainly NSFW, with many examples on my FA! Userpage of ivorytigress...
  2. Ivorytigress

    Looking to do a trade or two!

    I'm looking for perhaps one or two folks to do an art trade with. Userpage of ivorytigress -- Fur Affinity [dot] net my account if you'd like to see my art style. 1) I can draw either NSFW or SFW pictures. 2)I would prefer this to be a quick process. No more then a day or two. Please leave...
  3. Ivorytigress

    5/17 Site Attack

    Day 63 Furaffinity is still down. Porn supply is running low. We may have to sacrifice someone to ensure the colony has enough food to last the nuclear winter.
  4. Ivorytigress

    Ark Survival Evolved Furry Server!

    Welcome to the Diamond Dogs Exploration Team! We are a new server perfect for players looking for a rewarding challenge. You're guaranteed to find yourself a fun environment, friendly conversation, and challenging atmosphere. We have many fun mods and even a TeamSpeak server to enhance your...
  5. Ivorytigress

    Looking for a Commission

    I'm looking for the following in your work: Able to draw a throne, king/queen theme, gore to extreme gore, very expressive art. I have a budget of no more then 100$ to use on this. Details will be given to the chosen artist, but please expect the above themes to be used.
  6. Ivorytigress

    Specific Pose Art, Full body, Color, Max $60

    I wouldn't mind trying! I can do a full coloured lineart for 25$ or a sketch for 15$ Examples of my work http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12289527/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12038601/ If you're interested, send me a note on FA.
  7. Ivorytigress

    Three Commission Slots OPEN

    For the first time in a while, I'm going to open up a couple of slots. Bear with me, and let me know if you have any questions. *Only THREE slots open for now, for a week or under completion. If art isn't completed fully completed by the end of the week, you will receive a refund minus work...
  8. Ivorytigress

    Art Trade anyone?

    Is anyone interested in trading? I'm looking to do preferably a coloured sketch for a coloured sketch. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12092490/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12038601/ along the lines of these. Send me a message on FA if you'd like to trade. :) (I will be a little picky, so...
  9. Ivorytigress

    12-9-14 outage

    There is a reason they are separate. FA had thousands of users. And regardless of what people use it for, it is still an art gallery, like DA. To ask someone who, mind you, is not paid, who is a volunteer, to manage both the art site, And the social site is asking way too much from someone who...
  10. Ivorytigress

    12-9-14 outage

    Just like how your comment assumes what I do? Yes, my commissions ARE a big part of my income. But, I don't use a single website, that is known to have issues sometimes, as my only site. I post on several sites, so I don't have to worry about something like this.
  11. Ivorytigress

    12-9-14 outage

    Once again. It isn't the mods of the forums fault. They're members of the FORUM NOT the main website.
  12. Ivorytigress

    12-9-14 outage

    Too much anger. Very pointless anger. It isn't the mods of the forums vault, don't blame them. Ever. It isn't their fault you can't look for other threads. Second of all, there is a reason emails exist. If all of your commission info is stored on FA, then that's your problem.
  13. Ivorytigress

    Discounted Sketches! 24 Hour Sale!

    Looking for sketches? You want them fast? Right now I'm having, for only 24 hours, DISCOUNTED SKETCHES! (These are all wing-it/minimal input commissions.) Regular, colourless sketches are only 5$ dollars. Full colour sketches are only *10$! Flat colour chibi sketches are only 5$! Examples of...
  14. Ivorytigress

    Needing Artist for feral rat picture

    Hello everyone. Quite recently, a friend of mine lost one of her pet rats. To cheer her up, I'm looking to get a picture done of her baby (I have a picture of him) flying up to a rattie Heaven. I do not have a price limit for this. This is a very important piece to me, as I really want to...
  15. Ivorytigress

    Looking for an anniversary present.. deadline!

    Hello everyone. This year marks 3 years together for me and my fiance. And finally after 3 years, he is moving down here with me, and we get to spend both Christmas and our anniversary together. :) So, as a cute present to him, I am looking for an artist for a very special anniversary gift...
  16. Ivorytigress

    5$ Headshots To be done tonight/tomorrow

  17. Ivorytigress

    Getting back into art!

    I'm taking these free pictures as warm ups before I even consider starting back on commissions. Yours is at the top of the list however.
  18. Ivorytigress

    Getting back into art!

    As long as it's not 1. ripping off a character or 2. a written description, I can try my hand at it.
  19. Ivorytigress

    Getting back into art!

    Alright guys, I've been out of commission for weeks now, and want to get back into drawing art! You can do one of two things for me.. 1: Get art done for yourself.* Reference: Favourite Colour: 2: Help me get ideas for adoptables! (Should your idea be used, you may get 50% off if you buy it...
  20. Ivorytigress

    Sooo... what's wrong with Sonic art and porn? o.o;

    Then you shouldn't complain. What no one seems to understand is, this is not our website. It's Dragoneer's. He pays the upkeep. He works on the servers. Not us. At this point, it looks like you're just trying to beat a dead horse.