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  1. alexicography

    Endangered Species Sonas?

    Technically they're I think the second-most endangered, the most being the Amur leopard with less than 60 individuals surviving in the wild. #pointlesstrivia
  2. alexicography

    Am I just a freak? Who else here likes "raw" bacon?

    I'm Jewish, so I don't eat pork bacon at all (turkey bacon is life though), but I wouldn't eat it raw even if I did. Like, there are lots of theories that say that the REASON kosher law excludes pork is because in the time of the Old Testament there was no reliable way of ensuring it was safe...
  3. alexicography

    (CLOSED) Lemme Draw Your 'Sona! =D

    !!!!!! :D :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 ^w^
  4. alexicography

    Hey there everyone.

    you look EXACTLY like an ex-boyfriend of mine which is really weird because i didn't THINK he was a furry...
  5. alexicography

    (CLOSED) Lemme Draw Your 'Sona! =D

    If you're still doing this, I'd be SUPER HAPPY if you could draw my panda-dog 'sona? My forum avatar is the only picture I have of him right now, but I can describe him rly well :3 Key features: Shaped mostly like a giant panda, very round and soft, panda markings. Tuft of brown hair on the top...
  6. alexicography

    warm ups

    If you're still doing this, can you draw my 'sona SFW? It's the panda-dog in my avatar, I'm afraid that's the only picture I have. If that's not good enough, that's okay! (Things that don't appear: doggy ears, one perked up, one flopped over; brown fur down spine and tail)
  7. alexicography

    i make a book

    I can't tell if this is a troll or not.
  8. alexicography

    Everything about fat furs

    Basically I feel like most issues on this forum can be resolved with this:
  9. alexicography

    How and when did you join the fandom and what's your story so far?

    Of course it started with porn. The first stuff I ever found... interesting, shall we say, was furry art. (Matthias_Blackwolf, if y'all have heard of him.) But ultimately I've always been fascinated with animals, mostly from a non-sexual perspective. Like most of the people in this thread, I...
  10. alexicography

    Everything about fat furs

    oh thank god Sorry, I get so panicky that I'm going to insult people. I know you are very nice, I just also thought I should maybe clarify my things <3
  11. alexicography

    Hey there everyone.

    Hey, a fellow bear-canine! Rad! Have fun in the forums! Most people are super nice and even those that aren't super nice are pretty reasonable once you get the hang of things.
  12. alexicography

    Everything about fat furs

    I would like to clarify! That I have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with people who have certain fetishes I don't like! The fact that I do not like a thing is not in any way a judgement on anyone's choices, if you find someone who likes it and wants to engage in it with you then that is absolutely...
  13. alexicography

    Everything about fat furs

    I'm a furry who happens to be fat, which is distinct, I think, from a fat fur. Like, I'm just a round, soft boye, and I am fine with this, and I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of fetishizing the shape that I am. It's the same kind of discomfort I get when people talk about trans and...
  14. alexicography

    Furry Pet Peeves

  15. alexicography

    Furry Pet Peeves

    Reading this whole thread has made me utterly petrified to do anything without being judged and labeled as a "cringey" furry or something. D:
  16. alexicography

    New fur looking for help

  17. alexicography

    Does anyone else find TED talks annoying?

    Oh man I have been waiting for this opportunity! A podcast I listen to had a conversation about this exact thing and it is Spot-On.
  18. alexicography

    my husband is rad (this post is unnecessary)

    I think that's a very accurate percentage.
  19. alexicography