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  1. KirbyCowFox

    $5 Badges and Bottlecap Charms

    I know I'm too late for AC, but I've finally gotten time to experiment on some new badge holders. Here is the example. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6078613 Materials used are watercolor paper, prismacolor markers, and micron pens. I can also do these in prismacolor pencils (though the...
  2. KirbyCowFox

    Will be looking for a multiple character sketch/lineart.

    I could gladly do this for about $16 as a sketch and $30 as a fully inked piece. Here is a few of my examples on gryphons and birds. http://flying-cuttlefish.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d3gaaja (off my DA account, an osprey/bobcat and turkey vulture/cougar)...
  3. KirbyCowFox

    Custom Bottlecap Keychains/Necklaces (Bonus wolf necklace for sale)

    I've been meaning to put these out on the market more. These fun keychains are a custom drawing in either prismacolor markers or pencils settled in a keychain with a protective bubble over the image. Keychain example (beads not included, this was a gift/experiment which used markers) -...
  4. KirbyCowFox

    Cancelled CG Thundercats Movie first look

    Was anybody a fan of Thundercats? I used to love it when reruns were played on Toonami, and a CG film seemed like a pretty good concept when it came to making a film at all of the series. But after seeing this footage... I'm kind of glad the project was shelved. The design looks okay despite...
  5. KirbyCowFox

    Need help naming my fursona

    Trenton Forest
  6. KirbyCowFox

    webcomics that actually end at some point

    Mixed Myth is a pretty decent story that completed around 2005. The artwork starts out pretty low quality and in pencil drawings, but if you keep up with it you'll see a gradual improvement by the end.
  7. KirbyCowFox

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    The show is directed and written by the wife of the guy who made The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (she played a huge part in both of those shows both art and writing wise). The style certainly clicks to me along with some of the quirky tones... And honestly I think...
  8. KirbyCowFox

    Booting a 1994 computer game on Windows 7

    Yep, it is Dosbox that says that it needs to be run under Windows. I'm just going to assume that the game just flat out isn't compatible, if that's even possible. Hmm, I'll try looking that up. Does that require a flashdrive like how you can boot up older versions of Windows through a way?
  9. KirbyCowFox

    Booting a 1994 computer game on Windows 7

    I tried Dosbox, it gives the message "This program must be run under Microsoft Windows".
  10. KirbyCowFox

    Booting a 1994 computer game on Windows 7

    For Christmas I got a PC game from my childhood called Scavenger Hunt Adventure: Photo Safari. Looking back, the game probably sucks, but I still want to try playing it again for the lulz. So I stuck the disc in my PC and just observed how the computer reacted, at first it seemed as if it...
  11. KirbyCowFox

    Just what, seriously can someone explain this to me?

    If people can find a fetish out of being eaten alive and dissolving in stomach acids... Then the idea of a fetish based on an STD just seems like a no-brainer.
  12. KirbyCowFox

    Being Called by Your Species Name

    I get called a cow by my IRL furry friends, usually we find fun in it since the term is considered an insult so it's great to see people stare. I've even had some people online assume I'm a dude because I put "cow" in a few of my online usernames.
  13. KirbyCowFox

    The most powerful character ever

    I'm stuck between Godzilla, Darth Vader or Optimus Prime. :S
  14. KirbyCowFox

    Books with bipolar movie potential

    Demon Dance by T Chris Martindale, it could either be handled as something along the lines of The Man who Shot Liberty Valance or Zombieland or something in between. Then again it could end up being another Jonah Hex.
  15. KirbyCowFox

    Clay reccomendations

    I'm not the best when it comes to 3D art, though I wish to get more into it. For a while I've been using normal Sculpey clay but having to put the piece in an oven makes everything inconvenient especially if I have objects sticking out of the clay that are flammable. What's a good kind of air...
  16. KirbyCowFox

    Movies that makes you go wtf!

    Anything by Jan Svankmajer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuBwXfg3Mr4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5wHMgTPF-s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39j7bypVxL8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1orgv9WKn4 But that's why I love him so. :3
  17. KirbyCowFox

    2 the gryphon

    EDIT: How could I forget that I commented on this thread before? BRB, gonna tear out my own ovaries.
  18. KirbyCowFox

    2 the gryphon

    I enjoy him a lot, he's not the best comic I've ever come across, but still great.
  19. KirbyCowFox

    Scott Pilgrim

    Re: Scott Pilgrim coming to DVD and Blu-Ray And you're not the only person I've met that says the people that hated must have OBVIOUSLY not been videogame nerds "like the target audience". It's like saying "you must have not liked this slasher movie because you're not the teenage target...
  20. KirbyCowFox

    Alpha and Omega seems like a furrie's wet dream

    I was able to find a stream of it. I have to say that I'm glad it kept the toilet humor and sex jokes down. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and the howling scene was cute and quite original for a wolf movie. Still, with the most successful CG movies belonging to Pixar and...