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  1. Tanzenlicht

    Anyone wanna draw an aardwolf monster?

    Yes, yes I wanted to draw an aardwolf monster, how did you know? Oh, I made his head so tiny and ridiculous even though the ears were the best part.
  2. Tanzenlicht

    Tips for Writing a Graphic Novel

    I have done a little comic work on my own as writer and artist. When I did it I worked by just sort of pulling a page out of my head and working it out as I went. This had the advantage of not requiring me to actually be much of a writer, and the disadvantage of allowing me to draw myself into...
  3. Tanzenlicht

    Writer Available

    You may wish to provide writing samples. Preferably in the form of a comic script. Anything to show you have a better grip on the language than a potential artist would be useful though. This post is not a bad start, English-wise.
  4. Tanzenlicht

    Askazi Myths

    After a year producing a weekly webcomic, we, the creators behind Askazi Myths, are proud to announce our new webpage and the start of a great new storyline for our ancients themed fantasy furry webcomic. The Wounded Heart, what's planned to be our longest distinct storyline to date, starts...
  5. Tanzenlicht

    Present Tense

    Well, I went back and fixed the ones from before I fell into it, of course. First drafts are like that for me. But instead of correcting it to past tense I corrected to present tense. But thank you for your condescension. Always appreciated.
  6. Tanzenlicht

    Present Tense

    I've been doing some...fanfic writing lately. I fell into the present tense for about a paragraph and decided I liked it and just went with it. It adds a note of immediacy and just a good overall quality to the 'voice' of the piece. And it got me to wondering, why doesn't it get used much...
  7. Tanzenlicht

    Open For Sketch Trades

    That's gorgeous, thank you. I've got my half all set up on the light table, but I haven't got a chance to actually line it yet. I will totally get to it though.
  8. Tanzenlicht

    Open For Sketch Trades

    It got a little out of hand. I think it's pretty nice though, so I'll finish it eventually.
  9. Tanzenlicht

    Anyone have Wordpress?

    So you don't care. And we don't either.
  10. Tanzenlicht

    Open For Sketch Trades

    I'd trade for a picture of the saint beast. She also comes in slightly more anthro. My end would probably be color (this does not mean I would expect yours to be). I need to do some digital work to get back into it for the next comic chapter anyway.
  11. Tanzenlicht

    Whats a writer got to do to get noticed?

    Write well. Upload txt files. I don't know if the first is true because the second is not. Edit: These things being true will not make you popular. These things being untrue will make you less popular.
  12. Tanzenlicht

    Comic Script Writing

    When you are making a comic script for a collaborative effort you must do a detailed version of method one. Then you must not complain if the artist you find treats it as though you had used method three. If you find an artist first you can, of course write a script suited to their particular...
  13. Tanzenlicht

    A tip when uploading stories to FA...

    The problem is that readers don't download the work. Then the writers come here and complain about how no one reads any more. What's wrong with furries. They just want the instant gratification of visual art. No one loves meeeee. Well step one, make your writing as accessible as possible...
  14. Tanzenlicht

    Win 100€ with the amazing Bluemonkeystudio contest!

    Look, you haven't produced anything and no one has ever heard of you. So among other problems we don't have any idea what we're drawing art of anyway. Fan art of concept art is sort of....stupid. Plus it says right there in the rules that you reserve the right not to even give out the prize...
  15. Tanzenlicht

    my first story for FA (in progress)

    Personally I feel that obsessive details about objects are only acceptable if their purpose is to tell us about a character. If you are in heavy pov of a particular character and he loves that gun and he knows all it's technical specs then including such details along with the reverent way he...
  16. Tanzenlicht

    my first story for FA (in progress)

    I doubt anyone will be able to give you help with a title with that short synopsis. Maybe you have a friend or two you can bounce drafts off of until someone says something clever. I think you're probably in the best position to name it, because you're the one who knows the story. Open office...
  17. Tanzenlicht

    Paying for a new scanner

    Them things have gotten more expensive since I had to buy one last. Anyway, I'll make you something like this for $20. Or I'll color it for $30. Drop me a pm with details or questions.
  18. Tanzenlicht

    Husky pup

    Who drew your husky references http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2795946/ and put the big versions on a pay site, who got ripped off and then you linked to it in your sig.
  19. Tanzenlicht

    Husky pup

    Don't steal Onta's things...