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  1. Midori

    Confessions thread

    I'm slightly drunk right now, teehee.
  2. Midori

    Hello World!

    Hellow, and welcome to the boards!
  3. Midori

    Salutations furry friends!

    Welcome to the boards! ^_^
  4. Midori

    //Peeks in

    Hellow and welcome! Your avatar is cute~
  5. Midori

    Confessions thread

    So one more confession... I kind of fantasize about going to a furry convention and hooking up with someone. But I don't think I'd have the guts. XP
  6. Midori

    To old to join the Fandom?

    As someone who's about to turn 32, I do feel this way sometimes. Not so much that I'm too old, but that so much of the fandom is so young. I suppose on the internet it's not such a big deal, as I don't often consider peoples' age when I chat. But going to a con or something, I do wonder if it...
  7. Midori

    Cooking Thread

    I made a really good and simple pasta the other day! I boiled some penne pasta. Then after straining the water, I stirred in a little extra virgin olive oil - just enough to give the pasta a mild sheen (so probably a little more than a cap full). Then I added in some Tony Chachere's Creole...
  8. Midori


    No interest... This movie was made simply because Adam Sandler saw a short film and thought the visual effect was cool. The movie is NAMED after that visual effect. It's like the only reason for this movie to exist is to see stuff turn into pixels. And to cash in on aging dudes who wax nostalgic...
  9. Midori

    Hi, I finally decided to join the forum!

    Hi Mikune! I'm a relatively new fur, so it's great to see friendly vets like yourself!
  10. Midori

    [Serious] What Are Your Weaknesses?

    Mmm, I have a lot of weaknesses. I have a difficult time opening up to people, even people I've known a long time. I also get frustrated too easily, which has inhibited me from picking up useful skills. Unless I'm really, really motivated, I'll try to take the easy route with most everything or...
  11. Midori

    How Did You Choose Your Fursona?

    I struggled for a long time trying to think of a fursona, because I was never sure what kind of animal fit me. Then on a whim, I went into a roleplay as this little cat girl and... it just felt really fun in a way I never expected. And a lot of other people really liked roleplaying with me as...
  12. Midori

    Confessions thread

    Where I live, so many people at train stations will push you around and try to get in front of you, especially during the morning commute. The fight to get to sit down can be intense. So I've started going to the station earlier so I can be first for the train I take, and I often try to walk...
  13. Midori

    Little quirks about your computer

    Sometimes, especially when bringing my laptop home from work, I'll be connected via wi-fi but my browser won't load pages, as if there were no connection. But if I'm logged into any messaging software or sites, like Skype, Facebook, Steam, etc, those will still work fine. I usually just need to...
  14. Midori

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I'm playing Monster Hunter 4U right now! Love it but I'm starting to get to the really intense monsters, hehe. The next big game I'm looking forward to is Splatoon!
  15. Midori

    Concept of Love 2

    Hey hon. Personally I think you're overthinking it too much. But it is good to keep your expectations in check. Maybe you feel love for him, but there are different kinds of love, and it won't stay the same. But you have the course of your relationship to see how that plays out. All in all, the...
  16. Midori

    new and hoping...

    Hellow! :3
  17. Midori

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    Anyone who's particularly naughty would know that my fursona is already an established character from a certain comic, so she is named Midori. But I felt it is a cute name, and green is one of my faaaaavorite colors, so it's kind of stuck with me. I do plan on tweaking the character so she can...
  18. Midori

    Furry Paraphanalia that You Own?

    I don't know if people would consider them "furry" but I have a number of plushes of Pokemon and Animal Crossing's Isabelle (including a huge one that a friend made for me). Also I have a buuuunch of furry doujins that I bought when I first moved to Japan, because they're easy to get so I kind...
  19. Midori

    Would you date/marry an anthro?

    Probably if I liked them enough, just like any person! Yep this is a pretty boring answer. Though all in all I am generally more visually attracted to anthros than humans. <<
  20. Midori

    What drew you to the Fandom?

    Mnn, various things, but mostly a desire to connect with people. I always liked furry characters growing up. I had kind of a crush on Gadget as a kid. Some of my first friends on the internet drew furries, and I started to learn that "being a furry" was a thing. I also tended to play as...