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  1. Rina_Lagartija

    How much alcohol do you consume?

    I don't usually drink, I'm really picky about it, maybe a glass of wine or some amaretto once in a while and on certain occassions.
  2. Rina_Lagartija

    anyone want some hugs?

    *hugs you back* thank you n.n
  3. Rina_Lagartija

    anyone want some hugs?

    I need a hug right now, not feeling really well :c
  4. Rina_Lagartija

    Books you loved as a child

    Even though my parents never read to me, they ensured that I love reading. I remember reading by myself books that my father had since he was a child, he had lots of fairy tales books with gorgeous illustrations, and my favorite story of them was "the snow queen" by Hans Christian Andersen. I...
  5. Rina_Lagartija


    aaaww I love you too **gives you a big hug**
  6. Rina_Lagartija

    Subtle ways you express being a furry?

    aaahh!! I do the same xD and sometimes I end up going owo and uwu with some coworkers, lol also, I tend to collect stuff with animals, specially reptiles :o
  7. Rina_Lagartija

    Decimals (Furry Webcomic)

    Nice! :D thank you so much n.n
  8. Rina_Lagartija

    Hello there

    Hi! welcome back! :D
  9. Rina_Lagartija

    hello I am new

    Hi and welcome! n.n I hope you can afford to work on digital soon, it is funny and kind of practical :D but traditional it is really cool too n.n also It would be really nice to meet your fursonas, even in traditional :D
  10. Rina_Lagartija

    Smol is here to say hello!

    Hi! :D and welcome n.n it is really nice here n.n everyone is friendly :3
  11. Rina_Lagartija

    Hello Everyone!

    Hola! Bienvenido! n.n I'm from Mexico too, also I like drawing :D everyone here is friendly, it's a nice place n.n
  12. Rina_Lagartija

    First timer, Hey everyone

    Hi! n.n and welcome! :D
  13. Rina_Lagartija

    Hello everyone. UwU

    Hi! n.n and welcome! :D It would be really cool to know more about your work n.n
  14. Rina_Lagartija

    Decimals (Furry Webcomic)

    I really like your artstyle :o the story got me intrigued :D are you posting it online somewhere else so I can follow you? =O
  15. Rina_Lagartija

    Drop your twitter usernames

    Here's mine n.n I mostly post some of my artwork, but I also share some memes and things I found uwu RinaLagartija (@RinaLagartija) on Twitter @RinaLagartija
  16. Rina_Lagartija

    Should a feral dragon have a weapon he/she could summon?

    I think it's really cool, why not? :D
  17. Rina_Lagartija

    What Type of Pokemon Are You (Quiz)

    Ghost 53.85% Match Poison 46.15% Match So basically I'm a Gastly <.< noooiiceee <u<
  18. Rina_Lagartija

    what are y'alls thoughts on people posting human art to FA? :0c

    I like human art, I draw it sometimes n.n
  19. Rina_Lagartija

    Advice for making friends?

    Something that worked for me, was to start a nice conversation with people, something like: ah! I like your shoes/shirt etc.. and then asking things like where did they bought it, until I found something else to talk about (mostly something about them and that is not too invasive or too creepy...