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  1. JayMeww

    First time @ a furcon >w<

    Mornin' everybody ^^ So I sorta jumped the gun a little bit and planned a holiday to go to my first furcon (FurDU) in May. Now I have no idea what to expect or what to do at a con, and i'm sorta worried that I don't have enough friendos going to warrant the trip >.< So this'll be a sorta...
  2. JayMeww

    Thank you :3c

    Thank you :3c
  3. JayMeww

    Any Sydney Furries Here?

    Hey! If you mean Sydney, Australia then there is a whole bunch of us fuzzbutts ^×^
  4. JayMeww


    Is a bun boy! :oops:
  5. JayMeww

    JayMeww reporting in!

    Thanks! :p
  6. JayMeww

    JayMeww reporting in!

    Its very odd for there to be a shortage of bunnies, considering.... xD I hope to stick around for a while ^×^
  7. JayMeww

    JayMeww reporting in!

    Hey there, Just wanted to say hi and get to know some more furs ^×^ I only got in touch with the fandom earlier this year and connecting with local furs has been a deeply enriching experience. I'm a dwarf lop femboy who has too much to do and never enough time, so I sleep a lot. I'll be at FurDU...
  8. JayMeww

    Probably reading Junji Ito stuff

    Probably reading Junji Ito stuff