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  1. Alopecoid

    Traveling to cons via plane

    Hey y’all. I’m hoping to travel to a con by plane next year. I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna get all my stuff there. I have a disability that causes chronic pain/fatigue and limits how much I can lift, carry, walk, etc. I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna get all my luggage from car...
  2. Alopecoid

    Præy Tell - Detailed Description

    She's cool! Love the personal quote. What's in the suitcase I wonder? ^!^
  3. Alopecoid

    For lovers of gay werewolves: Published Novel

    Looks cool! I wouldn't mind having a big bipedal wolf man to curl up with ^!^
  4. Alopecoid

    How Did Your Journey As A Furry Begin?

    I saw a game show commercial when I was 13 spoofing Godzilla. Which made me realize I was into macros. That led to finding macro furry clips online many years later, and through that eventually I stumbled on clips of fursuiters and discovered the fandom. I was really into cartoons and Beanie...
  5. Alopecoid

    Is The Fandom Exclusive to Only Anthro Animals?

    I've wondered the same thing, also thinking of Brave Little Toaster. And anthro robot characters like Bender, Robot Jones, etc. They're definitely anthropomorphic but not exactly furry. Personally I wouldn't worry about whether something "fits" into the fandom, because we all have our own...
  6. Alopecoid

    I found an amazing terrible movie

    Haha that movie comes up whenever I search "furry" on my TV. Along with Furry Vengeance, which looks equally god-awful lol
  7. Alopecoid

    Hallmark Christmas Movies

    Anyone else enjoy them? Yeah, they're ridiculous and schmaltzy, but there's something so amiable and comforting about them. You can just escape the chaos of life for a bit and go to a fantasy land. A land where everything is cheery, every small town has a nonstop Christmas festival in December...
  8. Alopecoid

    Your fictional character crush

    I just swoon over this big lizard ^_^
  9. Alopecoid

    How did you come up with your fursona?

    I was mainly inspired by Nick Wilde and Robin Hood. Zootopia helped me discover the fandom, and I watched Robin Hood for the first time right around when I created my sona, a fox named Dapper. I gave him mostly red fur since red's my favorite color, and threw in some light blue as I like the...
  10. Alopecoid

    Did my first realistic horse drawing

    Very pretty!
  11. Alopecoid

    Post something odd about you!

    I'm pretty good at remembering specific dates that things happened - things in my life, world events, etc.
  12. Alopecoid

    Things you love that are totally STUPID?

    Impractical Jokers The "Shoes" viral video from 2007 Time-Life informercials about box sets of oldies music Replying to emails from job recruiters with nonsense like "I still don't get it." Answering spam calls with a random bit of song (like "I have to, push the, pram-a-looooooot" from Holy...
  13. Alopecoid

    Deer Appreciation Thread

    Damn, that would be so cool to see.
  14. Alopecoid

    I regret selling my previous fursona [BOUGHT HIM BACK!]

    Awww this makes me happy ^!^
  15. Alopecoid

    Dating apps

    Oh God, Furrymate....found out quickly what a scam that was. And I still get their ads on YouTube :rolleyes: I don't much like dating apps, but I use them because I haven't found another viable way to date. Some of the other suggestions I've seen (strike up conversations with random people at...
  16. Alopecoid

    Anyone going to Dragon-con 2021?

    Too far away from me, but I watched YouTube clips and it looks pretty dope. And crazy big. Like way bigger than even the largest furcons. And I think it's in the same hotel as FWA, so the difference was especially apparent after watching FWA clips.
  17. Alopecoid

    Adding Elastics to Fursuit Head?

    I got a full suit recently, but the head is too loose. It slips down so I can't see out of the eyes properly, and thus can't really wear it. The maker said she could walk me through adding elastics to the head to make it tighter. But she's been busy and hasn't been able to yet, and it may be a...
  18. Alopecoid

    What's your favorite album?

    Ooo I love Talking Is Hard. So catchy. :cool: Oh, Inverted World by The Shins will always be up there for me. Very strong songwriting and sunny, nostalgic production.
  19. Alopecoid

    Compliment the user above you!

    Your sona's super cute, and the quote in your sig made me laugh :p
  20. Alopecoid

    How do you guys make friends in the fandom

    I think it's good you're going to furmeets. Honestly, I've made a bunch of good friends from those. There wasn't one in my area so I started one about a year ago. Took a while to get going - no one came to the first attempted meet lol. But then another fur reached out and offered to help spread...