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  1. bennyboy1995

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    im currently playing anything that isnt blocked on the internet......dam detension
  2. bennyboy1995

    Suggestion box for the vidyagame industry

    anthor timesplitters also maybe a cod game for psp and not ds
  3. bennyboy1995

    What do you do when the power is out?

    i'll just simply play on my psp :)
  4. bennyboy1995

    PS3 Modern Warfare 2 players!

    psn:benny19pooh yea i'll do it....but i can only use a mic
  5. bennyboy1995

    What type of weapon would you have?

    a knife coverd in Aids :)
  6. bennyboy1995

    Games you wondered why they where never continued

    eden project..... XIII was gd
  7. bennyboy1995

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    red aleart 3 and crysis :)
  8. bennyboy1995

    What web browser do you use?

    i use my psp
  9. bennyboy1995

    Do you act differently online than real life?

    im really silent on and offline : /
  10. bennyboy1995

    Mythbusters, or Top Gear?

    top gear always wins.maybe because im english i dont get mythbusters on tv
  11. bennyboy1995

    FA in School?

    bored in school and have an have an after school :(
  12. bennyboy1995


  13. bennyboy1995

    FA in School?

    last lesson :)
  14. bennyboy1995

    FA in School?

    quite alot of people around me :S
  15. bennyboy1995

    FA in School?

    in school now :)
  16. bennyboy1995

    Open-Ended Question :P

    after readin this the first that came to my head was sayin ur mum.
  17. bennyboy1995

    FA in School?

    no one cares at school
  18. bennyboy1995

    Best Game with Furries

    ratchet and clank gets my vote an does crash bandicoot count?
  19. bennyboy1995

    FA in School?

    yer i do in some lessons.i recently found out it works in school. quite afew people ask what it is tho