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    Stuck in Dev(Hell)opment - A webcomic about learning to draw (as drawn by someone who is learning to draw)

    I like it! The surreal comedy and meta nature are pretty cool and not too common in furry comics. I'll keep an eye on this.
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    Virtual Pet Planet- A Multimedia Comic about Virtual pets (LGBT)

    I've only just started reading it so far, but I'm quite interested, and will definitely keep reading. The art style reminds me a lot of Cucumber Quest. Was it an influence for you?
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    Firewake – New Science-Fantasy Equine Comic Book Series

    Questions, the second issue of Firewake, is now available! (It first went up for preorder while the forums were down). Daselle and Zaffa get to know each other better as he volunteers to 'deal' with the suspected gangster patrons at the restaurant where she works. Zaffa gets in over his head...
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    Please check Cat Knight my new webcomic (Fantasy/adventure)

    I've only just started reading it, but I'm already enjoying it. The comic has a cool manga-like style to it. And the english is almost impeccable, too.
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    Furry Detective Noir Series

    These look pretty interesting! Always cool to see more complex, sophisticated furry fiction out there. I'll definitely check it out.
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    Firewake – New Science-Fantasy Equine Comic Book Series

    Softback, akin to a typical Marvel/DC 'floppy' issue. But the paper Rabbit Valley uses is a bit nicer, and stiffer. Here's the link to the physical copy.
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    Firewake – New Science-Fantasy Equine Comic Book Series

    The digital download version of the first issue is now available from Rabbit Valley. This download costs half as much as the physical copy, and with the high mail volumes going on now, may be much more convenient. Digital Download
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    Firewake – New Science-Fantasy Equine Comic Book Series

    Production of issue 2 is nearing completion. It will bring refinements to the first issue, while further exploring the world and introducing mysterious new characters. A new comic based on Firewake was posted by Pony-Berserker, and is a light-hearted look at the comic's main villain. Check it...
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    High Fantasy-style Furry novels?

    For text novels, I can't remember seeing any beyond what's already been mentioned. Of course, venturing into graphic novels, there's a little bit more, though it's still rare to find one that has at least a majority anthro characters, as opposed to half or just a few. The Amulet series has...
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    Princess Bunny Comic

    It's looking great! I'll definitely be watching the new chapter 1. I read some, and skimmed through (but I will read through it more slowly later) chapter 0, and it has a particularly effective art style. I'm reminded of other fantasy manga and graphic novels, but it's hard to pinpoint one in...
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    Plantigrade, Digitigrade, or Unguligrade?

    I'm not really partial to any one of these styles of anatomical structure. To me, any kind of character can be 'anthro', as humans are more than their body shape. I mean, I'd be interested in reading about a village of intelligent centipedes, or a spaceship crewed by crystal lifeforms. But of...
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    books, comics or graphic novels featuring a modern style anthro society?

    For SFW stuff, there's not a ton out there in print form, other than the ones already mentioned. You'd have much better luck looking at webcomics - many more fit that criteria. And some of them have even put out physical books. If you're open to Mature stories that fit the criteria, there's...
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    Furry Comics I can buy a physical copy of?

    I mean, there should be any usual mainstream comic that's also furry comic, still available. Stuff like Ozy and Millie, Beastars, etc. Too many to list individually. You can also look to specialized Furry book publishers. Rabbit Valley is still shipping out physical copies regularly.
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    Beastars: Similar Stories?

    I don't know if they match the 'romance' exactly, but you might like Blacksad or Wizdoms.
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    Sketchbook: Shirogu5's Artwork

    Very nice! It's quite a unique and detailed style. Also, it's cool that you're shaping these pieces around a specific world. I'm looking through the FA gallery now, but I'd be especially interested if you build up the world more, and set up your own site to show off all the art and lore.
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    Public opinion on my Upcoming webcomic

    I'd definitely be interested in checking it out when you post the pages. There aren't a lot of comics like this around. Regarding the premise, 'extraordinary and extreme cases' sounds a bit too vague. You want to get specific - and involve what their biggest obstacle is. A specific crime lord...
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    Some old concept art for a comic idea

    Very cool! There's a lot of cool things to get one interested. A little rough in spots, but nothing that's impersonal or that wouldn't be improved over time if revisited and turned into a full project. It looks like a substantial sci-fi action series that wouldn't be focused on lewd, which I...
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    Firewake – New Science-Fantasy Equine Comic Book Series

    Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know about my new comic, Firewake. I came to these forums a good while back seeking artists to help me make it, and now the first issue is out, with the second in production! Firewake is a science-fantasy thriller series unlike any other. It follows the veteran...
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    Show me your pony style!

    Very cool, matraki. I particularly like the Happy Holidays one. The thin and long style is quite compelling, and reminiscent of the Melowy series. I'd be interested in seeing more like this. I don't really have any art of my 'own' - I'm just a writer/creator - but I did create a unicorn comic...
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    Horror/Monster Related Comic

    Neat. I'm not usually into grotesque stuff, but it's establishing a unique world, so I'm interested in seeing what happens.