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  1. KOfoxing

    Does Your Fursona Have a Last Name?

    Foxxing of course. Cameron Kevyn Oliver Foxxing.
  2. KOfoxing

    If you spent one week anywhere...?

    I'd go to Tokyo, London, or any place with a variety of shoppes and fine dining. What good is a place into visit without a souvenir? Or two? Maybe three? Heck, I'll buy it all. I'll be armed with my magic piece of plastic of course!
  3. KOfoxing

    Oh for @#$%'s sake!

    And Mario Bros. promotes drug usage. Get a grip.
  4. KOfoxing

    An existential question

    "Oh,that can't possibly be true." That was scripted by the way. Shit, I'm out of character. Wouldn't it be fun for our fursonas to just, trade places? See it as a spin-off of Wife Swap. I's think we will both experience the same amounts of burdens. No matter what universe we live in.
  5. KOfoxing

    FurFluff's Haven -- Minecraft Server

    Ah, cool. I'll join in when I have the chance.
  6. KOfoxing

    Games with FA users

    Awesome! I'm trying to add all of you guys. However, we should organize our players into a list as Harbringer said. It'll make everything easier. And it gives all of us a chance to meet new active gaming buddies.
  7. KOfoxing

    Movie games that are actually good?

    Any Harry Potter games will do. I prefer Order of the Phoenix and Sorcerer's Stone. Played them, dueling is always entertaining. Puzzles and unique minigames give me a real challenge when I play. Sorcerer's Stone might be for very young audiences, I always loved playing in my PS1 days. You...
  8. KOfoxing


    This will totally entertain our new generation. I have high expectations on this. http://comeonandslam.com
  9. KOfoxing

    Games with FA users

    I usually play some L4D2 once in a while, if you're up for expert or versus. TF2's also my top timewaster. Other than that, I don't play much unless there's any suggestions for me. Just add me on Steam if you're up for anything.
  10. KOfoxing

    I might.. be... a.. FURRY! NOOOOOOOO! (jk)

    Welcome aboard!
  11. KOfoxing

    Things that make you feel nervous.

    Nightwalking Any moment where I could potentially drop something off of a high altitude Planes When I'm on the verge to winning any game High speeds Being provoked by gangs
  12. KOfoxing

    Oh, ignorant gamers :(

    As if they ever held a firearm in their life. Even worse, thinking scattering around in a firefight is a good idea.
  13. KOfoxing

    Oh, ignorant gamers :(

    Why yes, it is. Not sure why it was mentioned as an imaginary substance.
  14. KOfoxing

    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    Last one I watched was Dancer in the Dark. Cried my eye sockets dry.
  15. KOfoxing


    Interesting! Never quite seen anybody with such unique physical traits! Such a thing is uncommon between people. Only 11 out of 1,000. Welcome back!
  16. KOfoxing

    What's your fursona?

    Yeah, needs a move. There's a sub forum beyond this one. Suggest you move it there.
  17. KOfoxing

    New member

    Glad to have you on board! I'm very willing to take a look at your works, I love a good read every now and then. Also, great to see another New Jerseyan!
  18. KOfoxing

    How about that Lego Movie?

    Truly an interesting blockbuster to watch. I'm planning to see it this weekend!
  19. KOfoxing

    Movie Death Scene Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDuntaEJaKg NSFW THIS. Made me pop a vessel. That face though.
  20. KOfoxing

    Movie Death Scene Thread

    Ack, that was brutal...