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    Anybody have experience with Twine?

    I find trying to guess what someone else might guess (Adrift) is more difficult than explicitly specifying the options (Twine). The latter makes it easier for the reader, too, I think. Perhaps it’s also a difference in the goals of the author. Twine might be better when the intent is more story...
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    Problem with Submission

    FWIW iOS uploads to here and to the main site work for me (both tested just now).
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    FREE Windows 10!

    Unfortunately, Windows 10 defaults to being spyware. Make sure you go through the Privacy settings and turn off all of the options. If you value your privacy, you also shouldn't use either Cortana or Edge. There are a lot of apologists who say it's no big deal because just about all the tablet...
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    I Write Like (completely freaky result, OMG)

    sadly, it has a limited number of responses (~40) and is a shill for a vanity publisher. See http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archi...502.html#012502
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    I know this probably isnt where I post this....

    Since the OP is new, I suspect the FA abbreviation may be a source of confusion. FA = Fur Affinity art site = http://www.furaffinity.net/ Select the Register link that's in the upper right corner to create your account there. Creating an account here on the forum site does not create an...
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    What the hell does this mean?

    You should never, ever, run an unknown program from an unknown source.
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    Hello there, and a quick FA question

    You're very welcome.
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    Hello there, and a quick FA question

    My understanding is that if your birthday is before December 4, 1990, then it should allow viewing of mature submissions. If it's not allowing it, I have to suspect that there's a bug in the server software. If that's the problem, it would need to be corrected by a forum administrator. I'd...
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    Hello there, and a quick FA question

    Select "control panel" (in upper right corner) Select My FA Account / Account Settings (middle of left side) Select View Mature Artwork / Yes. (middle of page) Select Update (bottom center)
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    A typo. neiher = neither. But hopefully you realized that already and you're just yanking my chain....
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    I'm gonna have a go at making us say something clever.

    Right: such an argument can't be made because it has to take into account external effects about which we can in principle know nothing whatsoever. On the other paw, some physicists are working on alternative theories of gravitation which are based on effects between branes. If branes are...
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    I'm gonna have a go at making us say something clever.

    makmakmob, Unfortunately, your argument seems to be based on the example of events within the universe being caused by other events within the universe. What you need to prove is that something outside the universe created the universe. Why would one expect that events external to the universe...
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    Favourite Furry Comics

    1. Dreamland Chronicles http://www.thedreamlandchronicles.com/ 2. Strays http://www.straysonline.com/
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    Yup. Unfortunately, the Kinsey scale has 6 values and does not include either asexual or undecided. My impression is that quite a few FA members may fall into the latter two categories, if only because of age. I wanted to include the gender of the respondent, too. VBulletin isn't configured to...
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    That was my thought, although some people do enjoy telling off the pollster ;3
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    Posting a poll requires that you post the message first. I think this is a serious defect in the forum software :( The poll's here now. Note: I left out "It's none of your business" since the poll software only allows 10 entries. *sigh*
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    The original thread was missing a poll
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    Need motivation.

    Without knowing you better, how can we suggest something that might motivate you? Different people need to be pushed in different ways. One way is just to write every day. It doesn't matter how bad it is. Set a goal and stick to it. A goal like that is what NaNoWriMo provides, for example. But...