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    e621 resurrected?

    It came online for like a few minutes last night then went back down. 21 hours later it's still not back up again.
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    e621.net has been drama-offed

    In what way is this relevant to what I posted?
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    e621.net has been drama-offed

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1932796#cid:14580554 About 65% of all uploads on FA are rated general. So this simply isn't true.
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    e621.net has been drama-offed

    I've lost count of 'competitors' that tried to replace FA. Seriously, almost every single one so far has imploded on itself due to admin drama. People use FA because it's been established and proven to last for years. Everyone isn't just going to get up and migrate when big art sites outside FA...
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    This month's Banner.....

    My first thought is, what does pb&j have to do with the month of September? It's certainly not something I ever linked with this month.
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    e621.net has been drama-offed

    Looks like it's being taken over by Varka. Isn't that the guy who runs Bad Dragon and hosts agnph?
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    Games you wondered why they where never continued

    Might & Magic: Why in god's name do the new owners of it fritter away the series by only continuing the Heroes line and making spinoff games? I'd imagine a Might & Magic X might sell better than Heroes 5, Dark Messiah, and Clash of Heroes. Especially if they make a world as huge and open ended...
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    New Site Look?

    Ohh I see. Me too, since I'm a big fan of the new Steam UI and since that looks so similar, the design in that pic sits real well with me.
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    New Site Look?

    I only have two issues with this. First, I don't like having the whole control panel menu at the top of my new submissions list. If I needed the control panel I'd go to the control panel page. Second, Fender's user page stretches far offscreen even on my 1440x900 widescreen monitor.
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    New FA looks exactly like steam & DA?! WTF!!

    Bah, if it's like the linked image, I say bring it on asap. Of course, I absolutely love the new Steam design which kind of influences my opinion of it.
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    Incredibly slow performance

    I've had this happen to me on FA both main site and forums once or twice, I never found anything out about what was causing the problem. It eventually went away on its own however. I did suspect it was an backbone or proxy issue somewhere far down the line from me.
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    On Tincrash's account and the 2/26 FA Outtage.

    WTF does this have to do with an admin accidentally promoting a hacked account to admin?
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    On Tincrash's account and the 2/26 FA Outtage.

    People shouldn't be fired for making one mistake, everyone makes them. They should simply learn from it and be much more careful in the future. If it were to happen again on the other hand, that's another story.
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    paysite censored submissions

    That's exactly what I meant when I said extra content.
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    paysite censored submissions

    I agree in that FA is supposed to be a community site, not an advertising outlet and that there should be a limit on the amount of advertisement images that can be uploaded per site/publication. However I haven't noticed much of an increase in the number of censored images as much as I noticed...
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    The New Userpage Gallery

    I don't like this new thing. With the old way I could see at a glance how often artists have been updating their galleries which helps me in deciding whether I +watch or not.
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    Barack Obama is the new president of the USA

    McCain just gave his concession speech. The count doesn't matter anymore.
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    Monthly Statistics: September 2008

    I doubt it's completely accurate, it seems like quite a lot of inappropriate images aren't tagged by the authors as adult/mature.
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    Mainsite Unresponsiveness

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention the white backgrounds when the the page fails to fully load. It happens like that second screenshot shows for me sometimes.
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    Mainsite Unresponsiveness

    I've been getting something similar the past few days. I get lots of network timeouts in addition to non-loading thumbnails and to view any images I have to hit stop and then reload half a dozen times. Doing pings of furaffinity.net, half of the packets give "request timed out" and doing...