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  1. vappykid5

    Anthrocon rooms

    Sounds like a party to me. XD As for needing a roommate, I can fill the gap if your still looking. ^^ Just let me know.
  2. vappykid5

    Dogs Days of Summer

    Hey wait a sec... *looks at page 63* ....oh you guys are such kids! D:<
  3. vappykid5

    Content filter?

    Okay so many are aware of this content filter right? Well it seems something is a bit undone. Over a year ago I recall it filtering all of the adult content incliding the submission thumbnails. Now I haven't put back the filter (for obvious reasons) in nearly a year now since I'm always...
  4. vappykid5

    Deceased tag

    I'm very surprised that they "Ban" an account of a dead person, why the heck would they do that?
  5. vappykid5

    Tyra Banks Show

    *sigh* True. -.-
  6. vappykid5

    Tyra Banks Show

    Tyra WAS being a stupid cunt. Why take a huge shot to Chewfox's head for this shit? Yes I'm aware of her mystake on just exploiting the fandom on just the sexual part but this was a harsh move on Chew by just flamming and banning her like that. Like anyone else could've done a mystake like...
  7. vappykid5

    Artist needed for pokemon junk: willing to pay.

    Well the original idea was'nt exactly adult rated, but I have many other ideas for pokemon pics, clean or not. I gotta take a nap now but I'll send ya a note when I wake up.
  8. vappykid5

    Artist needed for pokemon junk: willing to pay.

    Okay then, I'll send you a note on what the idea is on your FA. Thank you ^^
  9. vappykid5

    Artist needed for pokemon junk: willing to pay.

    (I suck at this but I'll give it a try) Okay so I kinda need an artist that can draw a vulpix well. It's kinda for someone, it's a surprise so won't reveal it in public. Xp I'm willing to pay for commissions if you can't accept request, but I don't do trades. (If I was able to I would'nt ask...
  10. vappykid5

    What Pokemon are you?

  11. vappykid5

    Hacked account

    Stop the worrying, the hacker is delt with & the problem is being resolve.
  12. vappykid5

    A list of the damaged profiles?

    'Night dude.
  13. vappykid5

    Site Outage: Feb 25, 2009

    *snort* ...clusterfuck. But really I'm glad to see you admit to a mistake like that, stuff happens you know. More glad to see that this whole staff is done a great job fixing this immediately like this. Kudos to ya'll ^^
  14. vappykid5

    A list of the damaged profiles?

    D'awwwww, we wuv you too. <3
  15. vappykid5

    A list of the damaged profiles?

    Not to promote anything but you don't know what Cuprum is, don't ya?
  16. vappykid5

    A list of the damaged profiles?

    So he's like the Dr. Eggman of this place for today? There's always Cuprum.......
  17. vappykid5

    A list of the damaged profiles?

    You actually think that Mr. pincushion-for-an-ass did this? Your silly. Do not worry. We can re-build them, we have the technology....we can make them better....faster....stronger.... (sorry I could'nt resist.)
  18. vappykid5

    Admin Control Panel

    So that explains the pincushion for an ass, cause I thought....nevermind..