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  1. oCe

    FA site lag, timouts

    I've been having this same problem at least for the last few days - I can reach the main site maybe once for every 6-8 tries, and the rest time out. No problems with any other sites that I've noticed, and even the forums here work fine. Not sure if it makes any difference, but I'm also on...
  2. oCe

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    I have my own site, but FA has proven to be a much better place to take commissions, due to the HIGH VOLUME of traffic it receives. And see, the problem is that I have a lot of COMMISSION INFO that is TRAPPED right now on FA's note system. So I have open commissions that I can't access info...
  3. oCe

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    Just FYI. That's all fine and good for a hobbyist and a fan, but believe it or not, some of us earn a significant chunk of our income doing commissions through this site. My business has been CRIPPLED for the last month. Yeah, easy enough for you to say, 'tra la la, go enjoy the sunshine!" But...
  4. oCe

    Drawing programs that work well w/ tablets?

    I'm a big fan of ArtRage: http://artrage.com/ It's kind of like Painter, with chunky brushes and papers and effects, but I find it easier/more intuitive to use. And definately lots of fun with a tablet. The best part? The full version is only $25!!! And it's WELL worth the cost for the layers...
  5. oCe

    Furry Ravers

    I've been to SEVERAL furry raves. XD One of them, I think a guy there misunderstood what "furry" meant, 'cause he was a big hairy dude who decided to come NAKED. People kind of avoided him and he wasn't there for long, though, bwaha. Also, plenty of 'regular' ravers were there wearing cat ears...
  6. oCe


    Sure! All I ask is you credit me. :) (A link to my FA gallery [oCe] would be perfect!
  7. oCe


    Heh, would help to attach the files. o_o
  8. oCe


    Here you go. ;3 I had been wanting to draw a russian blue for quite some time, you gave me an excuse!
  9. oCe

    Straight single females...how rare on FA?

    I'm single, female and straight. Which at least proves the existence of such. They're not as uncommon as you may think, though I'd be willing to wager that most keep realtively quiet about it to avoid unwanted attention. Also, just to make it ultra clear (since there's room for confusion on a...
  10. oCe

    Sorry if this has been asked before but .......

    !!!!!!! You win.
  11. oCe

    ;_; fraying pens

    Not quite. Personally I get the best results with ink and BRUSHES! But not everyone finds it to their liking, since brushes don't provide tactile feedback. I've used crowquills extensively but I find that they have a tendency to splatter and leave gouges in the paper. Also, as someone who has...
  12. oCe

    Public Donation and Expenditures Log, Please.

    LimeyKat: You have to take what people say on THESE boards with a grain of salt as well. ;)
  13. oCe


    I've been a vegetarian for 20+ years. ^^ My parents were. I had access to chicken, hot dogs, etc. as a kid but never really took to it. Sometimes I wish I wasn't; I love the SMELL of meat, but I just cannot stand the texture. You have to CHEW way too much, and something about it just gags me...
  14. oCe

    Kung Fu Ocelot. Critique please

    I'm an ocelot, and I approve!!
  15. oCe

    What new perks would you be willing to pay extra for?

    What would *I* pay for? -Search. If it's as big a drain on the servers as everyone says it is, this is totally a logical choice in my mind to only allow paid users to use it, once it's implemented. -Improvements to the Note system; the ability to search Notes in particular would be awesome...
  16. oCe

    It's over $9,000!

    The people have spoken. :O
  17. oCe

    RainFurrest 08: September 26 - 28 SeaTac, WA

    I'm pretty sure I'm going! Just haven't made any reservations yet, but I only live 3 hours away.
  18. oCe

    ;_; fraying pens

    Might I suggest a pen called a Zig Writer? They have two tips made of crazy space-age stuff that just DOESN'T fray. No matter what you do to it. :D You could seriously jam the fine tip backwards over burlap, and then go right on drawing perfect teensy lines on paper. Try them, they're magical...
  19. oCe

    Server Hardware Fault

    I'm sure I'll be drowned out in all the off-topic chatter, but I just thought I'd put in another vote for 'subscription service!' I'd pay $5 or $10 a month for 'premium FA' in a second, especially if it meant a reliable revenue stream leading to better site upkeep/uptime!
  20. oCe

    Real fur fursuits

    How's it a troll-thread? I think it opens up some interesting discussion. :D --o