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  1. WhiteHowl

    legal drinking age

    Some mothers went BAWWWW!! Because a lot of their children died in drunken car accidents by teenagers. I don't see the need to neither keep it the same nor lower it. There are pros with both. We get less dramer if we keep it at 21. We get to see just how juvenile and immature some 18 year olds...
  2. WhiteHowl

    Games Everyone Likes BUT You

    Here's what happened to me the first time I played this gawd-awful game. I spent 2 1/2 hours training on just the first city. Built up weapons, built up general stats. Went to the next city. Encountered a werewolf. BOOM game over. I don't even begin to save until i actually reach the next city...
  3. WhiteHowl

    Hajime no Ippo vs. Detective Conan?! Shounen Magazine vs. Shounen Sunday for PSP

    Fairy Tail is in this... does that mean RAVE will be in this too? Also Ueki magical random tree power thing is in this. Does that mean his random Broom grabbing thing will be in this too?
  4. WhiteHowl

    are u up to this challenging game?

    seen this, done that, wrote the paper >.>
  5. WhiteHowl

    What Anime do u watch?

    Watched the Type-MOON doujin-games turned into animu Shingetsu Tsukihime/Lunar Legends Tsukihime: Reactions in this order- Wait what, uhh... that never happened, why are you guys doing this route, okay never mind, PG13 sex scene, and where the fuck is Len? I'm completely lost, is this supposed...
  6. WhiteHowl


    sounds hilariously boring
  7. WhiteHowl

    Super Robot Wars K Announced for the Nintendo DS/DSi

    I blame Wing for the Angst... not that there was anything wrong with Wing. I blame Seed for abusing the floating naked teenage Androgynes in space idea. Which is worse?
  8. WhiteHowl

    what is Red XIII

    Yeah... but put the FF7 cast next to the FF8 cast and the FF7 cast suddenly seem like charismatic buckets of sunshine. Then again the filthiest shit in FA suddenly become charismatic buckets of sunshine when compared to FF8 The fat one or the one that got crushed by a building?
  9. WhiteHowl


    you want an mmo that has no grindz? Does that even exist????
  10. WhiteHowl

    The Seven Virtues

    Humility partially because that's the closest to cynism I guess...
  11. WhiteHowl

    Animes you want to watch

    yeah but the first half of the series did follow the canon. It was when they introduced Dante the point where it really skewed from the original storyline.
  12. WhiteHowl

    What Anime do u watch?

    Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (which sucked) Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (also sucked) Kanon (full of loli) First 3 seasons of Sailor Moon (Got convulsions after watching that) Yu-gi-oh 5d's Oddly enough Yu-gi-oh 5d's actually made me want to play the card game again. It blatantly rips off the original...
  13. WhiteHowl

    Super Sentai/Power Rangers

    (can't believe I remember this shit) "Wild force" was the last good series which is ironic (the one with all the red rangers), because it was the last series to have been made in America. The series should have ended when they went into space though. When you spread concentrated...
  14. WhiteHowl

    Animes you want to watch

    Nothing looks good right now. Wake me up when an anime that isn't about the angsty teenage culture and back to the days when it could be about random days and retarded fun. It would be stupid of them to remake the first season. They should just errata the second season to include Father...
  15. WhiteHowl

    Last movie you've seen?

    Decent movie? The Dark Knight (I thought it was pretty meh tho :\) Actual Movie: Milk... it was okay I guess...
  16. WhiteHowl

    Flaws in our favorite games

    Brave Fencer Musashi: The graphic is crap The voice acting tends to be terrible at certain key moments There's really horrible hit detection Chrono Trigger: Turn-based combat A little too easy MVC2: ...It's a fighting game... nope can't think of a thing. .......Cable is a spam character..?
  17. WhiteHowl

    Now Playing

    dissidia Final Fantasy
  18. WhiteHowl

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!

    2nd game's story got really cheesy towards to end, but ironically that was actually the better of the 2 games. Pikachu was my main considering that he was the only fucking electric type in the entire game and paralysis is basically your best friend in this game.
  19. WhiteHowl

    Eversion- A cute platformer with a dark secret

    that was a pretty interesting indie. so basically dual worlds or rather poly worlds
  20. WhiteHowl

    Pokemon D/P Help

    you don't have other friends irl that can help you with that? I mean it can be the same person you steal the flag from