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  1. Sergalmedic

    How do you find motivation?

    "My world is literally going to fall apart if I don't do this. Everything is going to wither and die if I don't do this right now." Applied to exercise, studying, stopping Netflix and getting off of the couch.
  2. Sergalmedic


    Finding at least a few similarities was important to me when I was choosing my fursona's species. Physically, I have long limbs and a long, pointed nose. As a friend once said to me, "You always look like you're ready to start shit with someone." Besides that, I have a voracious appetite and...
  3. Sergalmedic

    What do you wear in a heatwave?

    Sunglasses and/or a hat, and loose, light-colored clothing. T-shirt, shorts, sandals, #swag
  4. Sergalmedic

    American food is unhealthy: truth or myth? What about GMOs?

    American food isn't as bad as it's portrayed. Fast food is unhealthy as a general rule but you can certainly do well making your own meals with food here. The big health concern is obesity and the health conditions associated with it, as a result of excessive amounts of fat, sugar, and salts in...
  5. Sergalmedic

    Worried about ridicule

    That's not a "friend" at all. That's a bully. If you don't want people to call you a freak and think that about you, stand up for yourself when it comes up, stand up to this chump for this entire thing he started, and do not back down when the shit gets real. Fight like hell if that's what it...
  6. Sergalmedic


    Two of my closest friends are an Army Sergeant in a Communications MOS and an Air Force Intelligence Specialist. They're both furries and they're both hella bronies. I'm not military, but I am in emergency medical services and soon, the fire service as well.
  7. Sergalmedic

    Is fursuiting like blackface

    Use this if you haven't yet.
  8. Sergalmedic

    Any other DND playing furs out there?

    I'm actually going to play this Sunday for the first time. I was added to the group Facebook chat for it and I'm somewhat put off by the level of dedication and time spent on it. Including myself, we're three occasional players and then three almost-daily players. From what I've heard we'll...
  9. Sergalmedic

    Any sports furs out there

    I was a competitive powerlifter on a nationally recognized team for two years of college. I had to stop when I needed to do my clinical and field time to become a paramedic. It's been nearly two years since then and I'm planning a return after I complete fire academy in the spring to work as a...
  10. Sergalmedic

    How do you feel?

    Tired, about to lay it down just in time for sunrise. I love being on an overnight work schedule.
  11. Sergalmedic

    Best video game music?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtR0vhXht1U From the 1993 classic that brought the world two amazing soundtracks.
  12. Sergalmedic

    How tall are you?

  13. Sergalmedic


    I don't even know what triggered it, but the other day at work I remembered how my sisters and I would watch Pokemon on an old, old TV at my grandfather's when we would go there for Sunday lunches and dinners way back when. Even for an old TV it seemed bizarre, there were 13 nondescript buttons...
  14. Sergalmedic


    I used to be all about the Skullcandy headphones, I still use them for on-the-go listening. But when it comes to listening to a record or listening to music for the sake of it, I swear by Grado Labs. They're a small operation in Brooklyn that's been around for about 60 years. The headphones are...
  15. Sergalmedic

    Post Your Ride.

    Do ittttttttt. We have a 1982 Nissan 280 ZX Turbo sitting in our garage at home that's been there for the better part of 20 years. Unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll have the money to invest in fixing it up anytime soon, but maybe someday we will.
  16. Sergalmedic

    Post Your Ride.

    '98 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Hella fun to drive. 3.8L V6 engine, 195 horsepower. Going on 167k miles. Unfortunately, the next big thing to go on it will be the final nail in its coffin. Still haven't decided on what I'll be getting to replace it, but whatever it is will have to at least match its...
  17. Sergalmedic

    What's the story behind your name?

    My fursona is a sergal and in real life I'm a paramedic. Thus, Sergalmedic.
  18. Sergalmedic

    What is the weirdest thing you've eaten out of desperation?

    Of course. Why clean it if it's only going to make it bland?
  19. Sergalmedic

    Books You're Currently Reading?

    People Care, by Thom Dick. Discusses issues surrounding humanity and communication in today's healthcare environment. I highly recommend it to everyone in the medical field.
  20. Sergalmedic

    What is the weirdest thing you've eaten out of desperation?

    A diabetic delight! I've eaten cow hearts a few times. We were using them one day during an hours-long cardiology class, I was hungry and there was a microwave in the building, so at break I heated one up and shared it with a friend.