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  1. Pronema

    Champions Online

    Just wondering if anyone plays Champions Online, I see a lot of Bestial/furry type characters on there and was curious.
  2. Pronema

    Furs by Location v5.0

    Switch me to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  3. Pronema

    Furs by College/University 2

    University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada
  4. Pronema

    Taking a few B&W requests

    Let me know if you do another batch.
  5. Pronema

    offering 3 request slots...

    If #3 is a mythological creature I would assume it is a feathered serpent and thus Quetzalcoatl but seeing as that would be a man's name I may be off. However, if it is a mythological name with a real animal it may be a Resplendent Quetzal of South America but then I wouldn't have a name. I...
  6. Pronema

    offering 3 request slots...

    The second one looks like a water based Ameratsu by a behavior standpoint I would have said a vaporean-like wolf but you had stated it was not inspired by a pokemon so I'd assume it is either inspired by an enemy in Okami, which I have not got around to beating yet, and Ameratsu or a sea serpent...
  7. Pronema

    Pageview Contest 3 pictures possible!

    2101 When I refreshed next. :P
  8. Pronema

    Pageview Contest 3 pictures possible!

    2093 for me. Well, to bad for me.
  9. Pronema

    Anybody up for Coloring? ^__^

    I guess this is a good way to get something colored then? This is a rhetorical question considering the amazing jobs that have been done above.
  10. Pronema

    Free things!

    I would actually like it if someone like you were the first to draw a character of mine on my FA journal here. It is a Book Wyrm. A small dragon. There should be a lot of artistic license for you to work with while still giving enough description for you to work around.
  11. Pronema

    in the mood for a giggle?

    Well you went and hid it away in a "template" folder. :/ You should put a hidden link somewhere on the main page. But don't put any you would get in major crap for. Just put a hidden link to a screamer gif or something in the bottom right hand corner of the actual page.
  12. Pronema

    Holy crap Google's new browser is fast

    I agree that people are freaking out about nothing. I just think that maybe if Google had done a better job with the EULA and had a decent lawyer write it up, God knows they can afford that, this would not have been an issue.
  13. Pronema

    Holy crap Google's new browser is fast

    Verix, this can also be interpreted as an ability to "adapt" the screen shots of your stories or artwork into posters, books, video files, etc. hence "[adapting] that Content to the technical requirements of connecting networks..." What I don't understand is why you blatantly defend a defect...
  14. Pronema

    Web Browsers: Which do you use?

    It looks like Firefox is crushing the competition in the polls! Yay! Firefox for me.
  15. Pronema

    Are you 8-bit?

    I also did a quick edit of ChubbyCoon and created Smokey the Bear! *laughs* "Remember kids, only YOU can prevent forest fires!"
  16. Pronema

    Are you 8-bit?

    ;) Yes, I used five colors instead of four. (That is counting the black outline.) I just finished, surprisingly, the lower half, as in the pants and shoes, were the hardest to do. The upper half, even the the much greater amount of detail was rather easy to put together. I still think the...
  17. Pronema

    Are you 8-bit?

    I won't promise anything but I can try.
  18. Pronema

    Are you 8-bit?

    I'll make a few more if people give me ideas.
  19. Pronema

    Are you 8-bit?

    That is great! And you know, I may not be half bad at this. I going to try making a few now. Edit I tried, it isn't great but it isn't bad either.
  20. Pronema

    Fursonas that just wouldn't work or you wouldn't want to be

    I'd make one, I'd be someone's pet! :) I thought your right, that... wait. Stupid disgusting people exist. Someone would make it if they liked that fetish.