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  1. RailRunner

    "You're Not a Furry Are You?"

    Nobody, save my dad and sister (who don't give a damn about it) and cousin (who is a fur himself) knows. However, the question has been posed in the past, to which I either reply with a denial, or skirt around the question. Though, perhaps maybe closer to graduation that might change...suffice...
  2. RailRunner


    The next time we have a school dance, I will take my iPod, rename Never Gonna Give You Up to something more innocuous (say, Crazy Train), and request it. If all goes well, I will successfully Rickroll about 100 people. Also, does it count as Rickrolling if you like the song?
  3. RailRunner

    Animorphs (fandom survey, lol)

    I used to read nothing but for about 6 months (though I had been reading them long before that). I saw the first episode of the TV show, and was less than thrilled, but continued to add to my collection of the books. Then I read the last book (#52?), and after that I more or less stopped...
  4. RailRunner

    Little Things That Bug Us

    Oh, also the AI in my train sim game. I swear they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. (Especially when two of them pick the same route to use and end up coupler-to-coupler in a Mexican Standoff that you have to undo manually.
  5. RailRunner

    Jerry Springer is giving furries a bad name !

    And so it goes... :rolleyes:
  6. RailRunner

    Little Things That Bug Us

    Not as much as I did (ingrown toenails are a pain, and completely worth bitching about). Like a lot of other people in this thread, I'm going to have to go with heat. But not necessarily the temperature on its own; it's the humidity that REALLY gets ya. And it's funny, I'm real anal about...
  7. RailRunner

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    Oi.... *sighs* Slack happens, it'll be back when it's back. And no, I don't mean "slack" as in "slacking off", I mean "slack" as in slack action. Meh, I'ma go drive a stack train over the Rockies, help occupy me.
  8. RailRunner

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    You misspeled "furies" (column 1, line 7, word 2). :p
  9. RailRunner

    weridest people u know of

    Myself. Ferroequinologist+Furry+Wanna-Be Musician+Leftie+Misc.= ABBY NORMAL. ;)
  10. RailRunner

    How many of you watch Family Guy?

    Yep, I watch it.
  11. RailRunner

    How big is your anthro/furry/yiff folder?

    Around 160 MB. Looks like I have some catching up to do. :p
  12. RailRunner

    The most annoying people in the world

    THANK YOU. Also, People who live in English-speaking countries/learned English as their first language and are not deaf and yet post on the internet as if speling manurs and gramer dont apply. People who don't know when to SHUT THE HELL UP!! Yes, I know you're thrilled by the latest expansion...
  13. RailRunner

    something youve always wanted to do

    Live steam+Mainline+throttle+highball=WIN. :D
  14. RailRunner

    your dreams

    When I was a kid (God, that makes me feel old), I always wanted to be an engineer. Yes, for the railroad. Then I realized engineers didn't make enough money to support a small fleet of private railcars (another one of my dreams; I technically have two so I'm on my way there! :p), and so I...
  15. RailRunner

    Southern California Earthquake

    *nodnods* Remember the New Madrid Fault Zone. Interestingly enough, there's also a sequel to 10.5 where, you guessed it, the entire continent splits along the New Madrid/Mississippi. e.e
  16. RailRunner

    Southern California Earthquake

    Don't knock San Fransisco. It is win. That only happened in 10.5, WHICH IS FAIL FOR FLAGRANT SCIENTIFIC INACCURACY. :evil: *mutters something about the San Andreas fault not being a subduction fault*
  17. RailRunner

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    Hey, don't knock Wisconsin and Idaho. Wisconsin has cheese and Idaho has awesome views. So there. :p *cracks open one of those...watchacallem...oh yeah, books. Books rule.*
  18. RailRunner

    What sort of stuff do you do?

    Don't rub it in. :p This'un. :) :lol: Ditto.
  19. RailRunner

    What sort of stuff do you do?

    Hmm...Pennnsylvania...nice location for railfanning. :p Seriously, though, I've got this sim game (Trainz, in case anyone cares, which I seriously doubt :p) and that keeps me busy. Between Routebuilding, Kuid hunting, Browsing the forums/IRC, and trying to teach yourself how to gmax and...