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  1. BinaryHedgehog

    Mediocre accomplishments to be proud of

    Getting a huge fish in SEGA Bass Fishing. You don't understand, you'll never understand.
  2. BinaryHedgehog

    Best video game music?

    The Space Invader Extreme Games have great music. Also, this:
  3. BinaryHedgehog

    Traits/ Qualities you and your fursona share?

    We're both huge gamers!
  4. BinaryHedgehog

    Favourite gamecube games?

    Now I wanna know where my copy of Billy Hatcher went, you have good taste in games.
  5. BinaryHedgehog

    5/17 Site Attack

    I'll give you credit for that.
  6. BinaryHedgehog

    5/17 Site Attack

    That's not entirely true. It's possible to raise flags when certain things are done so they can be warned about. Anti-viruses look out of suspicious parts of code in order to stop "zero-day" attacks and get samples to be analyzed.
  7. BinaryHedgehog

    Favourite gamecube games?

    Ah, yes, the original Monkey Balls. They were hard, but so very fun! The series has gone down the drain now...
  8. BinaryHedgehog

    Check out this graffiti sim!

    That I still can't condone.
  9. BinaryHedgehog

    It's a bun bun! X3

    Another bunbun enters! Nice to meet you!
  10. BinaryHedgehog

    Favourite gamecube games?

    If there were only enough hours in the day... But a few picks are Sonic Mega Collection Sonic Gems Collection Mario Party 4 Mario Kart Double Dash
  11. BinaryHedgehog

    Favorite Classic 2D Platformer

    Mario All-Stars and Sonic Mega Collection (It's Gamecube Game, but it's all old Genesis games)
  12. BinaryHedgehog

    Post your Gaming Channels V2.

    www.youtube.com: BinaryHedgehog I don't post stuff frequently, and I focus on retro and DOS games on emulators.
  13. BinaryHedgehog

    MMO Reccomendation?

    Allow me to suggest something out of the ordinary: Transformice.
  14. BinaryHedgehog

    Check out this graffiti sim!

    I respect Graffiti as a legal art style, but not as a form of defacing property. I don't know if you've ever played Jet Set Radio, but it's based on graffiti as a form of protest. ((Plus, you can make your own tags))
  15. BinaryHedgehog

    Best video game music?

    Underrated 3DS gem:
  16. BinaryHedgehog

    5/17 Site Attack

    When I saw "site attack" I assumed DDoS, but I didn't expect this!