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  1. LittleWoodlouse

    Manga recommendations

    I know this is a little late, and I don't know what you're into, but Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is a pretty good read, it's a post-apocalyptic slice of life.
  2. LittleWoodlouse

    Opinions on RWBY?

    It's no masterpiece, but it gets a lot better the longer you watch. Season 3 is the most entertaining IMO, but Season 4 has been really.... slow. Hopefully it's building up to an interesting finale and great fifth season. ^^; I think the show did a good job in it's tone shift, and it introduces...
  3. LittleWoodlouse

    Make your favorite game sound as shit as possible

    You get turned into a kinda anthropomorphic animal and lose your memories during a storm and get discovered by another animal. This second animal, a complete stranger tries to recruit you into their non-existent team to join an exploration guild. The guild IDs you by your footprint. It's...
  4. LittleWoodlouse

    Looking for an artist to get my first commission

    I'm open for commissions! I can be contacted here, FA, or tumblr if you're interested. littlewoodlouse.tumblr.com: Commission Info (open)
  5. LittleWoodlouse

    What are your guilty (non-sexual) pleasures?

    This probably sounds silly, but.... Writing about my characters... I'm absolutely fine sharing my artwork with people, but for some reason written stories seem much more... embarrassing?? It's probably because it takes longer to read, and therefore leaves more of an impact... Edit: Also...
  6. LittleWoodlouse

    Returning to FA, new to the forums!

    Hello, my name's Eve, I'm an art student and comic artist! I've used FA briefly in the past, but have never signed up to the forums... I hope to use it a lot more to socialize and interact with others! My FA account is here, I mostly post drawings of my anthropomorphic characters in preparation...