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  1. Gutierrez

    Against The Grain: Furs Who Break The Stereotypes

    Does originality really matter all that much? I admit the rabid defense of something that's more or less a found object can be annoying, but it kinda gives the fandom a pop art feel. If the kids want to copy Marilyn Monroe over and over, just changing the colors here and there, let them. I...
  2. Gutierrez

    Anyone in your family know you're a furry?

    Stayed at my older brother's apartment to attend a con. He's an animator and worked with a few furs at a dotcom company for a while, so he knew and didn't care all that much. Still it didn't help that he didn't have high opinions of those individuals. My mother gets that I hang out from time...
  3. Gutierrez

    Trogdor Server Shipped

    I'll be interested in seeing the unboxing for when this bad boy, man, dragon-man, dragon, comes in.
  4. Gutierrez

    New Servers

    I'll get behind that. I want these things to try and take over the world.
  5. Gutierrez

    Public Donation and Expenditures Log, Please.

    After all the collective badgering, whining, and other things. I figure the admins deserve a little something to calm the nerves.
  6. Gutierrez

    How old were you when you discovered it?

    As many funny animals have always been on Saturday morning cartoons, I'm not sure I can say I discovered anything. But I made my first FurryMUCK account when I was 16 in 1998.
  7. Gutierrez

    Furry/Anthro Anime?

    Surprised I haven't seen anyone mention Hyper Police on here. It;s set in the cuty of beasts, so just about everyone is some type of animal-monster mix. And not too bad of a series.
  8. Gutierrez

    Amazon Donations Page

    FA is down and now we're taking the rest of the internet with it.
  9. Gutierrez

    Server Hardware Fault

    Nah, I've had it up checking it periodically because there's no grass growing in my office to beat the little green bar for excitement and watchability. It's pretty responsive, and when I threw my donation in the other day the change happened right away. That and the donation count hasn't...
  10. Gutierrez

    Server Hardware Fault

    It looks like the progress bar on the amazon site is broken. Anyone know the current numbers?
  11. Gutierrez

    Server Hardware Fault

    Just a miss, apparently. Was comparing the server drive to the PBS funding drives. But could we get a total of what donations have been received between both Amazon and Paypal? Would be nice to see the full amount. And just a suggestion, I think FA needs a nice commemorative server crash...
  12. Gutierrez

    Server Hardware Fault

    Yeah, we've been on the phones for a while here. Takes us to the big board and let us know the grand total sometime, if you can. I know y'all have $3,187.00 in Amazon, but how are the Paypal coffers looking?
  13. Gutierrez

    Server Hardware Fault

    The $3K goal has been met! No, wait, we're rapidly approaching the goal of $4K!
  14. Gutierrez

    Server Hardware Fault

    I think that's a great idea. It gives more visibility to what the site needs and where the money is going. It also offers at least a sense of responsibility on the admins side to use it where they're saying they will. Besides, I'd love to see the art concepts that people could come up with to...
  15. Gutierrez

    Server Hardware Fault

    That's why I kinda like this funding drive that's going on right now. The artists may not have the money, but people who want to commission artists tend to have a little extra around. I don't think shaking the collection box every now and again is a bad idea. Will FA:United have any attachment...
  16. Gutierrez

    Server Hardware Fault

    Put my $25 in. Let's keep passing that hat around.