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    What if there were a furry's only high school?

    Wasn't being serious but w/e....
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    Favourite Word?

    my favorite word is goober :P
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    What if there were a furry's only high school?

    Obama would get involved!
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    When you're in a public place..

    Dito master xang yang wang taught me too..... Seriously though I'm lazy and don't have time to wipe a dirty toilet I either go hardcore and just sit or use my thighs and hover pretty much :P
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    The Existence of God.

    "Religion is the opiate of the masses" -Karl Marx No one ever spoke truer words. Religions all have the same purpose to help ppl escape from their day to day struggles, to give ppl hope, and a sense of meaningfulness. Personally I believe all religions are bull shyt. There is no god, there is no...
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    What are your most favorite weapons?

    Favorite gun: The AN-94 (the barrel absorbs the recoil.) it replaced the AK. Favorite blade: Balisong (butterfly knife)
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    What's your favorite car?

    I'll post pics if i can find the camera :p.
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    SNOCORE 09

    Yea, I'm only going for Static - X. I don't really have much care for the other bands.
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    SNOCORE 09

    Seems like it's only 2 of us that do :p.
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    I'm just curious (Re: Weed)

    Stoners!!!!!! :D
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    What's your favorite car?

    I drive a 1986 ford bronco 4x4 metallic blue, with a rebuilt 302 hp 5.0L V8. It's completely customized as well with a pioneer sound system, 9 inch lift, diamond steel plating on the interior and exterior,bed liner on the interior, and custom seats. I love it :D. But if I didn't have my bronco...
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    SNOCORE 09

    Anyone going to snocore? I'm going with a bunch of friends should be some fun :D http://www.livenation.com/artist/static-x-tickets
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    I Love All of You

    Someones aggressive :p
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    I'm just curious (Re: Weed)

    The link is about aggressive testicular cancer (ball cancer) >_>. Read Newf :P.
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    I'm just curious (Re: Weed)

    Marijuana can cause cancer. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/booster_shots/2009/02/marijuana-use-a.html Reason why people use drugs: 1. To self medicate (Some mentally ill use cocaine to stay normal) 2. To escape the struggles/responsibility of everyday life. (The bills don't matter when your high)
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    Curiosity Question

    All middle school and high school I played varsity football. I would have went out for wrestling to but I disliked the idea of having to maintain weight.
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    So I drunk my first beer this week

    Thats 5 words :p
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    I'm a Freegan

    What ever floats your boat Galt.
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    So I drunk my first beer this week

    Doobie snacks cause a lot of health problems including 4 times the tar as cigarettes. And people who "blast a joint" are 2 times more likely to get cancer then people who smoke cigarettes. Salvia has less tar then cigarettes and people have a lower chance of cancer when using it. Salvia =...
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    Need some new films to watch.

    What about: The butterfly effect Casino Donnie darko Pitch black Blow