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  1. Italo Fox

    Good Omens (2019)

    I got a free trial of Amazon Prime after ordering new headphones. Decided to take advantage of it. Saw the 1st episode last Wednesday. It's different. Very "British". The characters are fun too, so I'll probably see this season through in its entirety.
  2. Italo Fox

    What Do You Play When You're Stressed/Frustrated?

    Cities Skylines because I don't have to put up with losing and tense combat. I can just chill and build.
  3. Italo Fox

    Firefox redesign

    Now that they have brand recognition, the simpler design works better when it's down-scaled as an icon. One thing I will mention is that the Send / Monitor / Lockwise designs look like an afterthought. If it wasn't for the Firefox colors, they would come off as extremely generic.
  4. Italo Fox

    Fictional crushes

    When I was younger, it was definitely Marie from Ed, Edd & Eddy. She's S-Tier as far as alternative girls go.
  5. Italo Fox

    What's Your Favorite Pokemon?

    Gyrados, Ledian, Gligar, Marshtomp, Dewott, Scraggy, Cofagrigus, Pancham, Scorbunny Just realizing Gen 5 had some really good ones.
  6. Italo Fox

    Adobe Alternatives

    Is Affinity any good? Like how well does it stand against Adobe? I use my work license for Adobe so I'm in no pickle or anything, but it's good to scout ahead for options. I'm for one not a fan of supporting companies that have monopolistic behaviors.
  7. Italo Fox

    Favorite Anime(s)

    Hellsing Ultimate officially toppled Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. as my favorite anime just recently. Erratic OP protagonist, dapper badasses, level 100 zealotry, Nazi vampires in cartoonishly large zeppelins. This anime is the textbook definition of over-the-top and it's a good time.
  8. Italo Fox

    Rate The Song Above You!

    The trickling violin hits along with those sustains gave an interesting anxious blanket to the pop song. Not sure how I feel about the second verse and onwards when the bass drops tweaked in because then it started feeling like an EA game trailer. 6.5/10 Anyway, here's Laurel:
  9. Italo Fox

    What Browser Do You Use?

    I give you props for going as far as cutting off their map service. I do a bit of traveling and I sometimes don't know what I can do without it.
  10. Italo Fox

    What Browser Do You Use?

    Ironically Firefox... But my reasoning is without its namesake. Thing is, I'm very stand-offish to Google for a few reasons: Their privacy concerns, the super-conglomeration, their censorship and what they've been doing in China. With that, I refuse to use Chrome anymore at least at home...
  11. Italo Fox

    Sketchbook: Character Head Redesign Feedback

    Thanks for the feedback both of you. I might consider using a softer nose for B.
  12. Italo Fox

    I admit to liking anime even to this day

    Just wondering, when did you move out from the east coast? I live in New York and I would say from my experiences at least, anime culture is not at all inaccessible if we discuss Brooklyn and Manhattan. This could involve some of the gentrification that's been going on around here. There are a...
  13. Italo Fox

    Sketchbook: Character Head Redesign Feedback

    So I'm experimenting with a possible head redesign for one of my existing characters named Wamp Weasel. I decided that I honestly wanted to get feedback from the community and which option they prefer. Option A is more traditional per say, with emphasis on eyes and a bit more detailed features...
  14. Italo Fox

    Good old 80's!

    For a one hit wonder, The Buggles have a fantastic full album.
  15. Italo Fox

    Talk about a movie you've seen recently!

    Speaking of French movies, I rewatched The Fifth Element again recently. I'm crazy for world-building stuff and the movie's future is this absurd combination of looney and semi-dystopian. Love the adventure that comes with it, but now I'm just memeing Zorg the past week.
  16. Italo Fox

    Anyone into Demons??

    I tend to be a fan of demons, imps, in general the supernatural really: Vampires, even though they're not really considered demons. I created a "mischievous superhero" imp I originally starred him in for an old, pretty lame webcomic named Lento. Not exactly a textbook example of a typical...
  17. Italo Fox

    Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    Weren't they looking at George Lucas for advice this time around? I don't know what to make of that... Disney seems like it favors the action / coming of age elements the most from the original trilogy of Star Wars, albeit with questionable results. Lucas left off last with the franchise heavy...
  18. Italo Fox

    General Fox Activity

    Skynet's T-1000 in fox model.
  19. Italo Fox

    Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    I too want to taste the ground I know nothing of that powders an obscure planet.