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  1. Unicorpse

    Broke up with my GF

    We had to break up. The sex was just too unsatisfying. I don't want to hurt you, but you have to find someone else. Our time together is gone.
  2. Unicorpse


    I will date you for the right price. with my exclusive girlfriend package you get ALL of the following for only 3 easy payments of 39.99: The "I'm taken" status that you can show off to all of your friends Making girls you've liked in the past think you're not the total loser you are Someone...
  3. Unicorpse

    How do you insert a flash game into a website?

    Insert correct file source, width, and height. This is the HTML code for it.
  4. Unicorpse

    To Much Fun

    RPGS where you can actually see the graphical difference in your character when you equip different armor/weapons.
  5. Unicorpse

    Pokemon battle anybody?

    Are you accepting action replay modified mudkips and bidoofs with magic guard?
  6. Unicorpse

    Earth Eternal Username list.

    Isn't this pretty much a furry rpg? It's like Furcadia and Everquest combined.
  7. Unicorpse

    Japanese anime industry in trouble

    /u/ is my best friend. Then Lililicious.
  8. Unicorpse

    Dead Space PC controls..how to fix?

    That game made me cry in my sleep. ...why would you want to play something so horrible? D; That was just Post Traumatic Stress Disorder shaped into a game form. Help me help you. Give me the game, Jerry.
  9. Unicorpse

    Questions, suggestiosn for games on Ps3, Wii, Ds and Pc?

    If you have to get anything, get what the above guy said + Uncharted and soon to be god of war 3. I also liked infamous but not as much as prototype, which you should get if you accept multi platform games. Also you can get Fallout which is more in depth than Borderlands but doesn't have much...
  10. Unicorpse

    Japanese anime industry in trouble

    The only Anime I like immensely is Azu Manga Daioh, other than that I've found that the best stories from japan I've experienced are from Japanese graphic novels on the computer and video games in general. The only thing that sucks is that you have to play through them instead of sitting on your...
  11. Unicorpse

    Is it possible to suddenly become sensetive to light change?

    You've been bitten. It may be from Edward. Stay out of the sun light if you wish to survive. Hunt only at night.
  12. Unicorpse

    Gaming is DEAD (nearly)(L4D2, MW2)

    I meant the xbox. I tried playing Fable the Lost Chapters on my 360 and it totally messed up. That conker remake called Conker's live and reloaded was also on the original xbox. Every single Betheseda game is better on the pc.
  13. Unicorpse

    Gaming is DEAD (nearly)(L4D2, MW2)

    I am one of those losers that has to buy the 360 ports to everything because the computer I mainly use is a mac, but then realizes I want to use mods so I go pick up the PC version too. It's been this way with Left 4 Dead, Oblivion, Morrowind, Fallout, and Dragon age origins. Man, all I want...
  14. Unicorpse

    that sucks ._.

    Don't worry. It's in my refrigerator. I wont waste it.
  15. Unicorpse

    Is Portuguese classified as Hispanic or not?

    You heard me woman! All of your gold in the bag now and nobody gets hurt.
  16. Unicorpse

    Is Portuguese classified as Hispanic or not?

    Definitely not. Even Brazil is made up of tons of japanese people.
  17. Unicorpse

    The language thread for languages

    Re: Languages I'm glad somebody understands. Translate them when you're done please.
  18. Unicorpse


    It's not the victim's fault if their parents or some other relative get emotionally hurt by the victim's suicide. It's their fault because they should be content knowing that their kid(substitute with parent if needed) made the decision themselves. It's like forgetting someone's birthday...
  19. Unicorpse


    Oh. I thought this topic would be more about capital punishment. Which I wholly support serial rapists and murderers who have more than 2 offenses in those categories should be put to death. Because I don't want to pay taxes so rapists can stay in jail. People should also have the option to...
  20. Unicorpse

    The language thread for languages

    Re: Languages I am taking japanese and am currently still in highschool. I need it because all of my yuri games are in japanese and I want to understand what they're saying. I've mastered both hirigana and katakana and have memorized a few kanji.