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    dog breeds needed (not selling just need ideas of breeds)

    afghan hound or borzoi*russian wolfhound* and i,m putting in for the adult one

    "What do furs do as jobs IRL?" Part II.

    i,m on full disability so am unable to work which really sucks

    Got a tablet, need requests!

    i would like one of darkwolfe and mariah getting it on what ever position you choose and can be either before or after her taking the knot darkwolfe referance http://www.furaffinity.net/view/83384/ mariah referance http://www.furaffinity.net/view/221543/ hope you can do it and thank you for...

    I'm need requests!

    noted you

    will trade game for a referance sheet

    hello i would like to get a referance sheet done for Darkwolfe seeing as i don,t have money and hate asking for a free one i,d like to offer the game Asheron's Call as payment the game is mint in the box it was given to my mate as a gift but she never played it and since she passed away i want...

    New wolf. Come say hi.

    hi always wonderfull to meet another wolf and one named after a russian Nuclear Power Plant even cooler

    Taking ur requests!

    many thanks

    Taking ur requests!

    when ever you have time *i'm in no rush* could i get a pic done of mariah *my afghan hound http://www.furaffinity.net/view/221543/ nude in bed cuddling a large black furred blue eyed wolf plushie

    Furry Action Figures

    for a while their was a set of gi joes called k-9 corp which where anthros there was a wolf,doberman,bull terrier,and either a sheperd or rottie and i think a bull dog they where like the 12" tall gi joes but i haven,t been able to find them and missed out on getting them when they where out...

    I am an artist for hi-... FREE!!

    if possable could i get a pic done of darkwolfe with mariah have them french kissing her legs wrapped around his waist and their arms wrapped around each other. darkwolfes referance pic: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/404035/ mariahs referance pic: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/221543/

    Looking for artists/writers for new magazines!

    if you think it,s good enough i wouldn,t mind having art in the adult one

    Taking Requests

    i would like one if i may ,would like one of my mates fursona ,ladyequanox a snowy white unicorn if the pic could have two characters i would like it to be of me and her my sleeping in a chair and her character standing behind the chair reaching around caressing me and give her angel wings and...

    why not say your a fur in IRL.

    most people know i,m into furry heck i drew furry porn while on my breaks at wall mart, people look at me as being odd or strange but i take that as a complement , i don,t see a need to go around telling folks i,m a fur i figure it,s on a need to know basis

    Cartoony or Realistic?

    realistic though i don,t mind cartoonish every so often but it depends on who i comisson if a artist mainly does toonish style art then thats what i,d ask for

    Animal Shaped Dilldos

    i wouldn,t want a thor to use exept maybe as a coffee table conservation piece and put it out when the jehova witness people come to my door wanting in to talk about god *i,m rather evil in that way

    Animal Shaped Dilldos

    i am always coming up with odd ideas i helps keep stress down, if they made rubber chihuahua penises i could use one on my column shift lever or maybe a fox dildo would work hmmm

    Animal Shaped Dilldos

    a humungus equine dildo put out by zeta creations it is as long as a mans arm from the elbow to fist and the flare is the size of a fist maybe a lil wider around

    Animal Shaped Dilldos

    some company put out a horse penis dildo called the mr ed was as long as thor but not quite as thick can,t remember the places name now though i wanted a mister eb then put a long automatic floor shift conversion in my truck hake a hole up the center from the base puy a set of those rubber truck...

    looking for artists to be part of a tribute cd

    as i continue to deal with the loss of my mate i got to thinking of asking any artist who wishs to to do a tribute pic of ladyequanox i would like to do a cd to give to her fans and to the artists who take part i have no way to pay for commissons right now and thought if i made a cd it would...

    a very special requst

    thank you i think your arts very good and i think you could pull it off very well