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  1. Havas

    Hehe, thanks a lot! ^^

    Hehe, thanks a lot! ^^
  2. Havas

    TF2 : BLU or RED ?

    Game Theory much?
  3. Havas

    Did you ever eat paste as a kid?

    No, but I did ate washing powder
  4. Havas

    Scary events

    Meh, not like it's a huge shock or anything but you wanted a thing and got it ^^
  5. Havas

    Scary events

    Some guy was murdered in my town recently, the first in like 10 years. Nights are considerably more exciting now...
  6. Havas

    TF2 : BLU or RED ?

    I'll go with the BLU, most of my loadouts look better in their colours ^^ but I have no preference in attacking or defending.
  7. Havas

    Post Your Desktop Wallpaper; Share with the Class

    This mess is the desktop with one of my older SFM picture as a wallpaper.
  8. Havas

    Caravan Palace is my shit right now

    Omg thank you for these, I'm kind of terrible at searching for music :'D
  9. Havas

    Tell me about your pet(s)!

    I kept fishes like...years ago
  10. Havas

    What Are You Listening To?

    Electro swing is love, electro swing is life.
  11. Havas

    How do Taurs work internally?

    The empty space might be filled with candy. But on a serious note, someone with a viable theory should really respond to this cus I ain't got none :I
  12. Havas

    Ferocious Furs

    Give me anything that shoots thus helps me keep my distance and I'm good.
  13. Havas

    What is the most cringeworthy thing you saw in/about the fandom?

    You are the third person to post this .-.
  14. Havas

    What are your favorite ships?

    Normandy SR2 is the way to go lads.
  15. Havas

    What new games are you looking forward too?

    Rising Storm 2? Anyone? No? Okay :I And the reason why? I love the semi-realism of the Rising Storm and the Red Orchestra 2. Sadly barely anyone plays them today with the exception of a small core. Hopefully a new game with similar mechanics and better graphics will attract some new players.
  16. Havas

    What is the most cringeworthy thing you saw in/about the fandom?

    This and similar shet is why we need an option to blacklist stuff on FA :I
  17. Havas

    What is the most cringeworthy thing you saw in/about the fandom?

    I have never roleplayed and not planning to, never understood the charm of it. (If anyone wishes to enlighten me about it feel free to do so) But yeah....excessive RP everywhere.
  18. Havas

    It's About Time I said Hi...

    I did not introduce myself here either, guess I have time. But yeah, welcome to the forums :D
  19. Havas

    Why is the site Down This time?

    You're right....holy fuk