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  1. Urban Wolf

    Looking for certain Oblivion mods

    Curse of hircine is good if you don't mind having perma meathooks for hands :\ but i spose it is the best out there.
  2. Urban Wolf

    Disaster Movie

    dunno. scary movie 3 made me lol. Starred Leslie Neilson AND directed by David Zucker (naked gun AND baseketball). but the rest, i agree, are just plain shit.
  3. Urban Wolf

    Taking requests! :D [and art trades too!]

    can you do mine :3 he'd look adorable in your style :3 Check Taefaros' version for reference http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1470204/#cid:10303882 for colours check here: http://img223.imageshack.us/my.php?image=heytonymp9.png he's a brown wolf (similar colour to pic's hair) Name: Tony
  4. Urban Wolf

    Did you lose your cheerful mood as a furry ?

    I've become more happy. When i joined my fursona was butch... now to suit how much i've changed, just look at my new one (avie)... hugs for everyone! and agrees with lilfurbal
  5. Urban Wolf

    MSPaint your Day

    I had school today.
  6. Urban Wolf

    If you had the chance to be a real fur, would you?

    you kidding man? of course!
  7. Urban Wolf

    Melee - The old Brawl

    I still love melee, memories of some great times :3 a game i liked to play requires 4 people. play final destination, have two people as samus (on same team) and give them max handicap, have 2 people fight in center (different teams), they have to not get too close to edge as the samus use the...
  8. Urban Wolf

    Ahh! Forums! Why did it have to be for...Oh wait...

    *steals his stuff* hello and junk *puts on mask and holds up sign saying 'im totally still here, give me welcome cookies!!!!'*
  9. Urban Wolf

    embrassing moments

    One time i spelt Embarassing as embrassing... i couldn't look in the mirror for days. but on topic :3 i've a huge ego, so i tend to avoid all possible scenarios that might result in embarassment. but i cant avoid them forever. I sang I am woman in school talent show :3
  10. Urban Wolf

    Animal Crossing Wii!

    which is sold seperately.... it's Crystal Chronicles all over again XD
  11. Urban Wolf

    Songs your a little ashammed you like

    You're The Inspiration - Chicago. Cheesey as hell but d'awwwwww
  12. Urban Wolf

    A WoW question.

    there are too many blood elves. The charm of the horde comes from its diversity :3 yet now we're just a prettier alliance with -_-
  13. Urban Wolf

    Saddest movie moments

    let's see. Pan's Labyrinth, last scene makes me cry. what's eating gilbert grape, when momma dies. there's more but i'm getting teary *sniff*
  14. Urban Wolf

    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    Brisbane Australia. ;)
  15. Urban Wolf

    *Deep breath* Christian furries?

    Atheist :3 I'm gay, furry and a proud rationalist... no turning back now xD I'm going to yiff and hell and enjoy it. peace
  16. Urban Wolf

    Entirely New

    Welcome to FA forums! I'm Urban Wolf, one of the seat moisteners here. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  17. Urban Wolf


    *hugs magikian and runs* hi shouden again!!
  18. Urban Wolf

    Have you seen the user above?

    Oh, my arch-nemesis Magikian who thwarts my heroic exploits every hour of every day? never met him.
  19. Urban Wolf

    favorite instrament

    Piana!! 14 years and loving it! Can get any emotion out of a piano. Whether I want to relieve stress or vent some quiet emotions, my piano is there for me OH, but to listen to? Still piano :3 It is its own symphony. Perfect at the hands of someone who can treat it properly.
  20. Urban Wolf

    Have you seen the user above?

    yea.. i seen you about... caught in the act... sorta