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  1. cotokun89

    Question about The Tavern...?

    im new here, but i think are like a bit of both XD
  2. cotokun89

    Romantic, lighthearted, possibly smutty RP?

    maybe i can try XD my discord are cotokun#2169
  3. cotokun89

    Pokemon or any science fiction rp?

    what type or plot or style for pokemon RP???
  4. cotokun89

    Just a casual RP

    nope, just asking XD, are alot of post saying dat and i just know the diference X3 also if you want RP im like trying XD
  5. cotokun89

    Just a casual RP

    what are the diference of a casual rp of a normal RP?
  6. cotokun89

    Xd herro there, im here to RP offer XD also i need to say i not speak very good english. also i...

    Xd herro there, im here to RP offer XD also i need to say i not speak very good english. also i gonna leave here my discord and my discord and my skype discrod cotokun#2169 (i like this more than skype) and my skype cotokun (i dont use so much. also have a avatar with my character) and here are...
  7. cotokun89

    LF partner for NSFW RP (TF/TG)

    i like alot the idea, im ok with TF, TG and almost all (are esceptions but are not much) also my character are a male human, so i think are perfect to a TF RP. also i like alot of doing long stories type of RPs. i gonna send you a note if you want.
  8. cotokun89

    Looking For A Few Long Term RP Partners

    really cute character XD
  9. cotokun89

    herro there, i leave here my skype and my discord if you want RP with me, im also fine with all...

    herro there, i leave here my skype and my discord if you want RP with me, im also fine with all things, i just want have fun XD skype are cotokun (the avatar are just a cute chibi, same as my icon) and my discord are cotokun#2169 also i just RP with my o.c., i leave here a reference of him...
  10. cotokun89

    Looking for a dark Transformation RP

    sound awesome XD maybe we can do a funny and good RP. also i gonna send you a note with my skype or discord. i think with notes the rp are really slow. also just in chat, because my english suck alot,, but i can chat really good (ty so much translators XD)
  11. cotokun89

    NSFW - 4 Slots Open

    canbe a furry version of my o.c. http://s1286.photobucket.com/user/cotokun/media/reference/1364375071naner_mothbrows_zps36150e3f.png.html?sort=3&o=36 (no furry reference but is only a white cat...
  12. cotokun89

    Character Reference anyone?

    good style XD ok I have only one furry XD here the reference http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10869888/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9785038/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9784980/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9572397/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10054666/ thanks for this chance >w<
  13. cotokun89

    Anyone Need a Character Sheet? (FREE)

    i need one of my fursona here some examples http://d.facdn.net/art/cotokun89/1371530132.cotokun89_wfoqoyr.png http://d.facdn.net/art/cotokun89/1359258831.cotokun89_1358492065.kibblesnbits_coto3.png http://d.facdn.net/art/cotokun89/1360874350.cotokun89_1360862381.kristein_cotokun.jpg...
  14. cotokun89

    Anime Pervert Poll

    really i need watch more anime XD i think i can watch the list of the poll X3
  15. cotokun89


    i like the old toonami XD with samurai jack (no anime but is japanese culture), pokemon, teen titans (same), love hina too (canceled for hot escene XD) and trigun XD only old school
  16. cotokun89

    Genres of rock that you like

    i like all class of rock, the rock is awesome
  17. cotokun89

    Offering 3 Slots for Free coloring

    kk dont worry :D is fine
  18. cotokun89

    Cartoony Portraits

    sound good Xp reference http://cotokun.deviantart.com/art/RETRATO-ESTILO-ANIME-331017933?q=gallery%3Acotokun%2F28073518&qo=17 description name: cotokun real name: XXXXXXXX height: 173 cm age: 23 gender: male specie: human hair color: black eyes: brown long haired:45/50 cm. usually occupy a...
  19. cotokun89

    Favorite setting in fiction

    voted. i love the Cyberpunk and steampunk so much