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  1. Koriaa

    Headshots/Busts | OPEN

    Okay so it's 12:12am, I should go to bed but I wanna draw lmao koriaa's DeviantArt gallery Here's some examples of my drawings although they'll probably just be doodles for now because I'm tired Send refs and/or personality traits to go with them, I'll only be drawing the things I want to...
  2. Koriaa

    Free sketches

    Thanks for the opportunity! Koria on Toyhouse (the only anthro ref I have of her atm) Koria on Toyhouse (Feral ref which can be turned into anthro)
  3. Koriaa

    Looking to draw your characters! (STILL OPEN!)

    Thank you for this opportunity!! Feral: Koria on Toyhouse Anthro: Koria on Toyhouse {Digitigrade legs + puffy paws} Species: Caracal/Norwegian forest cat hybrid
  4. Koriaa

    Furry Music?

    I've heard people mention 'furry music' before but I've never come across any? (I mean apart from stuff like furry gang and all the single furries, but i'm talking about serious music, instead of joke parodies) Could you link me to some if there are any please? I'm curious..
  5. Koriaa

    i am here bleep bloop

    T h a n k s
  6. Koriaa


  7. Koriaa

    Some Advice For Character Design?

    Look at designs you like from other artists, study them and add tiny bits from what you like into your own designs (with personal preferences and stuff), you can learn a lot from doing that!
  8. Koriaa


    Hi! I'm Koria/Zoe, I'm a young aspiring artist/animator that spends 99% of the free time I have drawing brightly colored animals and trash. My fursona is a blue and white Caracal/norwegian forest cat. I've been in this fandom for quite a while now, I'm only 14 so I can't exactly do all the...
  9. Koriaa

    show me pics of your fursona!

    O w O
  10. Koriaa

    Trying to find this fursuit's owner or maker!

    aa thank you so much!!
  11. Koriaa

    What is the avatar above you thinking?

    A m I c o o l n o w
  12. Koriaa

    Trying to find this fursuit's owner or maker!

    So I recently re-watched a video titled "15 Fursuits 1 room" by Fjord Frost and I really really love this fursuit featured in it, however, I can't seem to find the owner or the fursuit maker? I'd love if somebody could link me to one of their social media pages or something, thank you!
  13. Koriaa

    Profile picture by https://princely-crows.deviantart.com/

    Profile picture by https://princely-crows.deviantart.com/