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    28 Days Later - Discussion

    Since everyone is all on edge mabye we can take the edge off by singing some camp fire songs. Anyone know "Michael row the boat ashore"?
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    28 Days Later - Discussion

    Till another deadline comes and goes and I start thinking about why I donated any money at all. I could have been dicked around like this for free.
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    28 Days Later - Discussion

    Seven hours to go.
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    The Dark Knight (Contains Spoilers)

    Re: The dark knight He really made that pencil disappear.
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    The Dark Knight (may contain spoilers)

    Just seen it. Great flim. Best comic movie ever. Even better than Ironman and thats saying something.
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    Canadian furres?

    From New Brunswick. Muggy misquito infested New Brunswick.
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    An assessment of G.W.Bush

    It's just so tragic.:sad: