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    too many dwaggies?

    do you think there is too many dragons(or dragonesses) in the fur community or not enough? i think there is not enough dragonesses ;)
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    Paint Programs

    i use Pixia cause i can't afford better programs :/
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    Need help naming two characters

    or if you want fantasy medival type names go for.. Reish and Torus
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    Company name

    now we need a concept for a logo to fit the new company name (Formally passing doors entertainment)
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    Company name

    blazing cavern entertainment sounds good ^_^
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    Company name

    im currently making a fur mmorpg and im trying to think of a company name heres what i thought up: -Wolven studios -Drakon Entertainment -Fiery games -Dragon cave productions -Floop Entertainment
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    Scalies or Furries?

    i like them both equally
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    The Knight is in!

    Well i'll tell you a little about my self i like to play with kitties and mostly dragonesses i have some heavy battle worn armor on most the time i am very humerous at times i like pouncing others for no reason :) my scales are fiery red and orange all the way down to my tail my eyes are...