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    Of Plights and Honor

    This is super great, I'm excited to find more!
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    Partially Fictional Diary (Would Recommend)

    Hey, I have been writing a diary from the perspective of a character going through mostly events I went through, and it's actually been a really great writing experience. I would recommend you try it as well, as it allows you to play with your own world and tell your side of the story, plus you...
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    Free Short Stories!

    I haven't been around for a while but I just got a new laptop and I wanna get back into the saddle of writing! Tell me if you have a story, about your character or anything else, and I'll get it done in at most a week after the request, or at least before tomorrow! I'll take two slots right...
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    Random Requests Thread

    I have something you might enjoy drawing! A male mongoose, but the colors of the fur are grey and light brown. Look up grey squirrel for a good reference! If you'd line to draw it as a different species that's fine! I'm interested in the color scheme. Have fun!
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    How My 'Sona Came to Be

    Very cool! Thank you for sharing :D