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  1. K

    The Folding@Home FurAffinity Team

    Whoa, I don't know who CubPower is, but (s)he has 3141529 points. just 63 more to reach pi*1000000
  2. K

    accurate fortune-teller: "Animals become half-humans"

    I don't care if people on the internet believe in her. the fact is she made some very accurate predictions before. I've known about her before I knew about the internet, so no I haven't fallen for an internet hoax. I don't really know anything about Nostradamus, but I haven't heard about anyone...
  3. K

    accurate fortune-teller: "Animals become half-humans"

    Before everyone goes skeptic on me over this you should consider some of the predicted stuff that has happened. Behold, Vanga (1911-1996). Vanga, 1980 Kursk submarine sinks in August 2000 Vanga, 1989 And it happens on 11.09.2001 I also remember that the 1998 FIFA world cup finals were as she...
  4. K

    Profile genders - a MUST!

    You simply must add a gender field to the profiles that will be displayed on the userpage, because too often you can't know the gender of the artist and know how to refer to them when you talk in other forums. You should make this option a requirement in the profiles, not just an extra.
  5. K

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    Exactly why I also suggested a forum thread to post custom made styles for those who can't write their own.
  6. K

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    I suggest allowing the use of custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for the page, other than having some ready ones. This will give people the chance to set each and every color in the site to their liking. Also if done so there should be a dedicated forum thread for posting these styles and...
  7. K

    Noticed some problems with posted music

    For some time now every time I open a music submission I get a message to install quicktime plug-in which I already have. I'm sure many other Firefox users have experienced this. The problem comes from the fact that the plug-in doesn't automatically embed itself for the MP3 format. Apparently...