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    Myers-Briggs personality type and fursonas

    I am an INTP and a wingless blue and black dragon of my own design. I think a lot of Furries in general are INTX compared to the general population but that's just my intuitive guess.
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    Crit Before I Ink!

    I'd consider making his legs a bit longer, and moving the bottom of his ribcage up a little. It's otherwise pretty solid.
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    HALP ME!!

    In fact, it is often a good idea to sketch out a rough "skeleton" and when I say skeleton I don't mean bones, I mean an artistic skeleton in the form of a gesture drawing. From this you can then go over the shapes with an outline or even just start painting over top and you'll have gotten the...
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    Looking for Suggestions [NSFW]

    Hello everyone! I've just recently drawn a couple more things, I tend to take pretty long breaks between submissions. That said, I am interested in getting better and an outsider's perspective could always help! My two latest drawings are here (most recent first)...
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    Scaly RPG!

    Hey guys, I've got a scaly RPG going on at my forums. It's starting to pick up. http://www.mutedvision.net/scalesandscutes/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=32&page=1 On that same note, we're always looking to populate our forums with some more art posters, so if you'd like to participate...
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    Artist Alley Help?

    Some suggestions: 1. Offer cheap-ish sketches and do them quickly but as well as you can. 2. Offer con badge comissions... You'll get lots of these most likely if you're good and reasonable. $10-$25 seems to be the going rate, but $25 is a bit high. Usually offer a bit of a deal when at a...
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    Day-Old News: Wii Straps Result In Class Action Lawsuit

    I thought nintendo handled this fairly well... I mean, they promptly came up with a stronger strap and are shipping me 4 personally for free... What more could I ask for? The old straps could break with a sharp yank if someone accidentally dropped it while playing I guess... I don't ever let...
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    fursuits, leather, and fur ethics?

    Vintage shops are a great way to do things. I mean, the animals might have been killed only for the furs... But on the other hand, you aren't supplying the market with demand for more animal deaths buy buying new fur coats (which isn't good). Buying used means the damage was already done...
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    Holiday Comissions

    I'm not terribly worried about it... My rates are as low as they can be without working for less than doing the commission is worth for me. I'm not planning on a price slash in my base rates, though I might run sales at some times when I'm not busy with anything else. Thanks for the comment...
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    Aspiring New Artists come here!

    New physical print in my gallery, or on my forums if you wish to leave actual critiques (which are appreciated) http://www.mutedvision.net/scalesandscutes/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=18&page=2#Item_21
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    Holiday Comissions

    3 days left (Friday at Midnight is the cut-off) Feel free to leave feedback on my prices and my art quality here as well. I've taken a few commissions before, but I always like knowing what people think quality vs price for my work.
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    Dragoneer's Guide to Wacoms

    Looks like a 4x5 graphire 3... But I could be wrong. http://www.achetezfacile.com/wacom-graphire-3-a6-comparer-les-prix-88615.html
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    Dragoneer's Guide to Wacoms

    I made this with my tablet pc http://www.furaffinity.net/full/288093/ It's not -amazing- strictly speaking, but it's good for what I can do. That's 100% pure digital.
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    Holiday Comissions

    12 days left till Christmas and I guarantee if you order earlier than 3 days before the big day it'll be in your e-mail by Christmas eve! I'd also like to take this moment to ask people what they think of my commission prices or if the quality of my work is even worth commissioning. I'm...
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    Help for the Holidays. Looking for Arists

    You are welcome to take a look at my stuff. My prices are set a little high compared to many people doing this though... Info on my commissions page, I do guarantee it'll be done within two weeks (probably within one) You can see my FA account in my sig, it's got all of my recent...
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    Looking for crits at my forums

    Hey guys, I've been posting my art over on my personal forums for C&C. I love FA, but I'm looking for a smaller more focused community... One based around improvement and good art specific to Scalies (though other art is more than welcome as well, we do cater to Scales and Avians.) You...
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    taking a few requests

    What a coincidence, I am a dragon type creature, though not a typical sort. http://www.mutedvision.net/art/dervshouldersketch.jpg http://www.mutedvision.net/art/dervdragonsword.jpg
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    Any hackers out there?

    I program... Sometimes the stuff I make is pretty hacked together.
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    December's Header Banner!

    I don't understand how anyone can be offended... It's quite clear he's punching a doppleganger of the real Santa who is riding happily in his sleigh across the moon-light sky. He's doing the world a favour in assaulting Santa's evil twin, Santon. Besides, even if it is a real Santa christmas...
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    Aspiring New Artists come here!

    At my forums your smiley faces are turned blue like all our other emoticon stuffs.