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    New Feature - FA Profile Images

    looking good, i'd like it if it could be stretched to fill the profile box side to side tho like our own mini-banner
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    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    yeay xciting! have a good sleep yak and hopefully everything goes smoothly =^.^=
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    Server Hardware Fault

    its not strange at all, what they're trying to do is build for the future so they dont run out of space in a month or this failure happens again because they just did the minimum of work to get things up and running i'm hoping they buy the best they can get so that it can keep running a few...
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    It's over $9,000!

    i wish amazon would update, i know its higher than it currently says because i just sent in a donation and no change, silly amazon anyway it'll prolly be higher than it says at this point
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    Server Hardware Fault

    like dragoneer said earlier, if everyone donated a dollar they could run the site for a year, i know some people just dont have the ability cause of lack of bank account or credit card but even if half of us donated a dollar every 6 months it'd work out to the same