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    Seeking Reference Sheet

    I just recently got around to creating a reference sheet image to show as examples. For the maximum price quoted, I could easily do something like this: In leue of the extra poses, though, I could easily substitute facial expressions instead (one full color nude pose SFW, 3 facial expression...
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    Looking for a ballpark figure on a fair number of images

    $60 minimum per image sounds like a fair asking price. In the interest of setting up a payment plan, I could do them all as sketches ($10-20 each) and complete a few to use as examples on your Kickstarter. Since you mentioned this being a commercial project, I would also need to discuss...
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    Looking for a Good Artist for a Ref Sheet

    Looking at the examples, I could do a pretty simple character sheet with a full body and two portraits done in the styles included below for $60. For $80, I could do a front, back and two portraits. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear back from you! Color Example...
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    Need LOTS! Deer/Horse/Human Art

    I loved hooved creatures and believe I can do what you need within your price range. I usually do a bust-torso full color portrait for $40 a piece, but if I am creating 3 at a time, I could do all of them for the $100 total. I have included examples and hope to hear back. I accept paypal and...
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    Yet another feral wolf artist. $40 budget.

    I haven't done a LOT of ferals, mostly because there haven't been a lot of requests. However, I love wolves and am VERY fast and good at drawing canids. I am also a professionally trained Artist, Illustrator and Designer. Here's the example I have on my FA...
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    End of June YCH auction!!

    I'll work on a new set for Early July if I get a decent response here. It's a great deal and I thank you so much for your support!! Please see link for all the details! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16885269/
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    Livestreaming Weekend - 25% off commissions created live!!

    I'll be doing 2 hours livestreams multiple times this weekend and am offering a 25% discount to people commissioning work to be done live. Please check out more information at http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16873177/ and watch live at http://original.livestream.com/foxyillustrations Thank you...
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    Professional Commissions Starting at $10!!

    Quality Sketches from Professional Illustrator starting at $10!! More options coming available soon!! (SFW only, please!) Thank you for your time!! http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/hglucky13/
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    Looking for examples of similar work.

    Thank you!cthat was a very helpful reference. I really appreciate the help!
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    Looking for examples of similar work.

    Oh, hey! I just sent you a thank you shout! I checked out your commission info, thank you for sharing! I'm slightly afraid of using the commission slot because I have no clue how it works.
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    Looking for examples of similar work.

    Sorry about that! It's fixed now. Not used to the forums :(
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    Looking for examples of similar work.

    I was hoping the community could provide me with links to similar style/quality work as the piece I have included here. I'm trying to get a handle on where I land as far as what I should charge, but there are so many artists that it's hard to find a specific look. (I am already aware of my...
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    Looking for badge artists! $15 per badge or less, can be digital only!

    I haven't actually created any badge specific artwork, yet, but I would enjoy drawing a big cat for you if you are still interested in hiring artists! I would need to know the specific dimensions as well as if you need a specific file type/setting. $15 (USD) could get you a few different...
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    Commission request: Plushie drawing

    I would need a little more information about your fursona before I could give you an exact quote, but with references, my initial estimate would be $20-25 USD for a full body, flat color digital work. You can view my fursona work at my FA gallery, but I'll also post some links to my more plushie...
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    YCH Auction for Final Summer Livestream!

    As a way to see the summer off with art, I am holding a YCH auction for two (separate) characters to be completed via live stream. Check out the details on my FA post! Bidding ends August 18th, so scurry over and throw your hat in before it's too late! SB: $5 AB: $50 Livestreaming event will...
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    Looking to commish a super realistic animal (feline) portrait

    Whoa! This has been one of the most unique commissions I've seen on here in a while. I do a lot of digital illustration, but I am also a drawing major and fine art is a specialty of mine. Most of my realistic work isn't on FA, so I'll try to link the work from over on my DA account. I have...
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    Looking for someone to do a ref. of a sloth bear

    I've been doing mostly anthros lately, but I am confident in my ability to do ferals (I love drawing and painting animals :) ). I did come calculating and for two full bodies and three heads the total comes to $125 for anthro and $100 for feral (all flat color). Since I don't have any examples...
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    Seeking Character Reference Sheet

    Hello! When I ran the numbers, I came up with a total of $125 for two full body and three heads done in flat color. However, since I don't have any examples of reference sheets, I'd be willing to cut you a great deal and offer it for $80 since you'd be taking a bit of a chance. If you want more...
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    $50-80+ heavy warmblood Pegasus fighter

    And $10 for background, sorry!
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    $50-80+ heavy warmblood Pegasus fighter

    Okay, okay, perhaps I should include an image to keep it simple. This commission is valued at $70 ($40 base + $10 for kimono + $10 for extra tails).