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    The oddest music video you've ever seen?

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=sdyC1BrQd6g My Looney Bun is fine, Benny Lava.
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    Your best videogame moment

    The original Super Smash Bros: taking down a loudmouthed kid playing as DK in a three-kill duel after hearing him mock me for playing as Jigglypuff. After he took my drill-kick/grab/up-throw/jump/Rest combination a few times and wound up losing 1 to 3, he shut up.
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    So a historian is talking to a retired Polish fighter pilot about his exploits during the Second World War, fighting Germans. "Well," the pilot is saying, "First I saw six Fokkers coming in from the west, so I told my boys, 'Let's get these Fokkers!'. Then three of them peeled off, so I...
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    Sooo, I got banned off of NExopia

    Ummm. . . No Soap Radio?
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    Mecha Wars: East Vs. West

    Dream Pod 9's ExoArmors are clearly derived from the Japanese Anime genre, so maybe they should fall on the East side. In any case, the Western forces would all fall, no matter how many Atlases and Mammoth Tanks we are able to field, once Yoshiyuki Tomino manages to summon Space Runaway...
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    Favorite old arcade games! XD

    Crisis Zone. That game was SWEET. I've always got a soft spot for that old raytraced Star Wars game, the one where you were in a badly raytraced green X-wing shooting down tie fighters that shot big fireballs, then you did a Death Star trench run and repeated it over and over again. Mostly...
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    Sundered Skies: Wildlings!

    Dunno if anyone around here roleplays using the Savage Worlds system, but they fairly recently released their new setting: Sundered Skies, a dark fantasy setting where the players roleplay as skyship pirates and adventurers in a world made up of floating islands suspended in a magical glowing...
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    The new Narnia is ok, definately alot of furry potential...

    Please no. The last thing I need is for one of the last vestiges of my childhood to be raped by a fanfiction featuring hawt Sir Reepicheep on Trufflehunter action. . . . and by saying this, you realize that I've caused it to become real :(
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    Drugs. Rock and Roll.
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    If oneday we were all turned into furrs by some magical powers what would you do?

    *gasp gasp gasp* w----water. . . water. . . need. . . water. . . my fursona. . . really. . . was a fish. . . *flop flop flop flop* ;)
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    New Dragon ^.=.^

    Red Dragon! CR 15 Creature! *grabs his potions of fire resistance and his pointy stick of Dragon Annoying and starts poking the newcomer.* Treasure! Want treasure! Daddy needs a new pair of Boots of Haste! GIMME! In other words, welcome to the forums. :)
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    Furry Jokes

    Sibe. :D :D :D
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    What are some good podcasts? (Not just furry)

    Fear The Boot is a good podcast if you like tabletop roleplaying games :3
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    Akk... Gary Gygax has passed away :/

    Suddenly, things didn't hurt so much. The pain was gone, and the darkness as well. The touch of his loved ones' hands faded away, as did the pain. He was free. He wasn't sure when it happened, just that it did. There was a burst of light, and a feeling of utter calmness, and then a moment...
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    Isn't the theory of evolution incredibly RACIST?

    Black-skinned people are just as highly evolved as white-skinned people. If you don't believe it, stick a white-skinned guy in the middle of the African savanna in a loincloth. The black-skinned guy will be hot, but fine. The white-skinned guy is gonna be miserable from sunburn and similar...
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    Regarding Appeals

    Actually, I talked with someone who knew Vegex on another forum, and basically, he was just as big a tool over there as he was at FA, apparently.
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    Regarding Appeals

    Reminds me of Family Guy. "We can rebuild him. Better. Faster. Stronger. . . but I don't wanna spend a lot of money." The 6-Dollar Man.
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    What songs would you want to see in Rock Band?

    I just realized who would work out really well for Rock Band. Jonathan Coulton. Code Monkey would be perfect: interesting guitar piece, strumming bass line, and a drum part that has enough variety to be fun. Add a longer instrumental bridge, and a "Here it Goes Again" style stinger at the...
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    What powers does your fursona use?

    My fursona has the power to drain other fursonas' powers and turn them into fat, ugly human beings. . . not to take the powers for themselves, but just to fuck with them and laugh at their lack of l337 abilities.
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    If oneday we were all turned into furrs by some magical powers what would you do?

    But fish don't have feelings. . . at all! ARE YOU CALLING KURT COBAIN A LIAR?! ARE YOU!? Damn you. . . I'm gonna go blow my head off with a shotgun :( that'll teach you to mock Kurt Cobain. /wrists </stupid joke>