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    First Drawing

    Hello! I've been having trouble finding a means of having my fursona drawn, and to date she still doesn't have any reference page, sketch, or drawing . I was wondering if someone on this forum could please maybe draw her from a text description, if they have time. SFW or NSFW is fine with me...
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    Errrrrr... I'm uhhh... Protected by the... Government?
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    Uhmmm, I'm female. X3 But this is the internet, so it doesn't really matter much.
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    I play Violin, Viola, and I am currently learning the Electric Bass. Oh, and I also sing, if people consider that an "instrument". No particular style, genre varies on what I feel like at the moment. o-o; Oh no no no no no. I have my nightwear on when I go to bed.
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    Hi! I'm one of those lurking silhouettes that eerily stalks observes things from the outside. I'm here because I sort of decided to finally like, not lurk for once. My fursona is a purple Arctic Wolf. I don't bite... Much. (I know that's your guys' line, but I wanted to steal it c: ) Things...
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    I want to practice on your characters~

    Hello~ If you have the time, could you draw from a description? Species: Arctic Wolf Gender: Female Fur Colour: Light Purple Hair Colour: Silvery-Purple Hair-Length: Medium/Medium-Long Accesory: Headphones/Earphones Since this is by description and not by visual reference, I'll leave the...