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    Computer Generated Art and Screenshots

    I think this rule is bull. computer rendered and generated models are just as artistic as hand drawings. I have friends who use these Poser programs and they take just as much work and artistic creativity as any pencil
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    I care about this site, you all should, too.

    I really like Furaffinity. I love it here. The only rule I consider to be major bullshit is the recent 3D rendering rule. If someone told them 3D models weren't art, they've been lied to. I've got friends who work hard on those render models. Even with the ones they don't make themselves because...
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    photos and comics with toys?

    Hi. I was wondering, I make a lot of photos and comics with my collection of action figures and was wondering if FA would allow them on my gallery. http://toyinaround.blogspot.com Here's an example of what I do
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    I just wanted to say how glad I am to see the Search function back. After constantly complaining that it wasn't there, I thought it'd be nice to say how happy I was that it is now :D
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    Generated Art, Renderers and Sprites

    Ah, but he did not create that moment from scratch and therefore *according to some people* means that it CAN'T possibly be art and as a man who creates comics and such with action figures, that "playing with Barbie dolls" comment hit me in the feel bads
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    Non-User Created 3D Models and Content - Allowed?

    Isn't this like saying posing my action figures and photographing them would be a violation because I myself didn't make those action figures? 3D Renders should be allowed
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    Can't log in

    Never mind. It's working now Whatever you guys did, thanks! :D
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    Can't log in

    I'm trying to log in but it just sends me right back to either the log in page or the front page without logging me in. I know I'm typing in the right password so something is wrong ;_;
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    Single Greatest Furry Comic?

    I really like Sabrina-online myself
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    Furry bones

    Interesting. If not just a little creepy
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    Mature works

    No kiddin' you saw how everyone reacted to Janet Jackson at the Superbowl and she didn't even show a nipple!!
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    Furry Idols!

    I'm stuck between Thundercats, and The Cat in the Hat. I seem to like cats XD and who doesn't admire Pepe Le'Pew for his consitance? No, wait. I know. The most famous furry of all. MICKEY MOUSE!!
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    A Thank-You For a Fair Decision

    Hey, if they can't accept the idea of a website that's actually open to multiple forms of art, that's they're problem. They want an art site corrupted by censorship, they can go to Deviantart. Theses people have to figure out that when you join an art group, you're going to find forms of art...
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    Any Furries Play MMOs?

    The only one I can think of is Toontown online :lol:
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    I love Katamari

    that was fast :D
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    I love Katamari

    Anyone else play this? I'm telling you, this game is somehow the most addictive thing ever. I just can't stop playing it. It's proof once more that smetimes the simplest concepts in video games can be the best. That and all the cousins and presents to find give this game a LOT of replay value
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    favorite Atari game (oh yeah I went there)

    anything by ACTIVISION! W00T! Combat was real cool too on the rare occasion I had someone to play with -_-
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Is Krystal gonna be in this?
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    Cub Question

    I don't personally like Cub Porn, but I find it awfully pointless to ban something on a place that not only allows porn, but lets you filter it out
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    favorite games?

    Super Mario Bros. is my end all, be all favorite game series. That said... I love the Ratchet and Clank series, Psychonauts, and Soul Calibur 3 the most