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    Book and website with Furries as main characters... Check it out!

    Please visit my site, read the book <a href="http://www.furries-happyclub.com/books">I just want to be happy</a> and let me know what you think. Also, check out the <a href="http://www.furries-happyclub.com">other stuff</a> on my webpage. Everything has furries in the main role and revolves...
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    Meet Betty the Hippo, Curt the Fox and many more...

    Life can quickly turn from great to horrible given the right, or wrong, circumstances. Betty the Hippo used to enjoy life but then the absurd workings of the corporate world hits her... In the forms of a snake and a crocodile. I'm sure you have met them as well. In more serious terms this...
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    PSA: About "coming out" as a furry

    It is increadibly important that each and every Furry decides when/if and to whom they want to tell thay are Furries. There is not one answer that fits all. But don't make the mistake to think that you will not risk negative reactions - there will always be people who don't understand...
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    Webcomic List thread

    Not a webcomic as such but some fun and entertaining stuff about the search for happiness: http://www.furries-happyclub.com