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  1. K

    Confessions thread

    what i'm reading about old FAF reminds me of another forum i used to frequent years and years ago. i could describe it the same way you just did, there was a "purge", a bunch of the old timers took off, and the new version is decidedly different. MEEEEEMORIEEEEES
  2. K

    Confessions thread

    i've never met anyone who pretends to be gay (or whatever) just to be different or to satisfy an inferiority complex. but i've met plenty of people who are gay, but play up the stereotypes about 10000% because they feel like that's what society demands of them.
  3. K

    Hi everyone

    seriously, are we not doing phrasing anymore?
  4. K

    Hi, I'm Uirusu

    hey there!
  5. K

    Confessions thread

    why thank you sir :) you know, a big part of it was realizing and admitting that i couldn't deal with it on my own and needed someone else to help. shame it took me 30 years to realize i can't do everything myself, but better late than never.
  6. K

    Confessions thread

    confession, eh? i've been in therapy for about 7 months. it's nothing overly world-shatteringly serious, but it's been good for me. i feel a lot better about myself and my life than i have in a long time, maybe ever.
  7. K

    Why All the Hate (on furries)?

    well and then there's the little hitch that no one is "normal". everyone has their quirks, their fetishes, their oddities. i've found the people who like to remind you how normal they are end up being the weirdest of all.
  8. K

    Furry Paraphanalia that You Own?

    i'd love to check out a con sometime but i'd like to have a suit first. i think. i don't know. my brain is mush with all these new furry thoughts. haha
  9. K

    Things we are indifferent about

    the NBA anything involving people who are famous for being famous (i.e. the kardashians) the real housewives of ____ whataburger
  10. K

    Why All the Hate (on furries)?

    this. so perfectly said.
  11. K

    Furry Paraphanalia that You Own?

    i just ordered my first tail. weeeeeee but man oh man am i wanting a suit so bad. gotta save up some funds for a while but i really want one.
  12. K

    Hey guys

    welcome :)
  13. K

    Hi everyone

    welcome :)
  14. K

    What's the story behind your fursona's name?

    it's a twist on a nickname of mine.
  15. K

    Why are most furries blithering idiots?

    i like to think i'm not a blithering idiot. in fact...i'm definitely very much not. but, i find that you could replace "furries" in your question with just about any other fandom and the premise would hold.
  16. K

    Do you tend to use the same username for everything?

    yes, but not here. my standard username is tied to an IRL nickname, and i'm not quite ready for someone i know IRL to stumble upon my furry-ness.
  17. K


    i know how you feel. welcome :)
  18. K


    hi alis. :) i just joined, like, 20 seconds ago and i just realized i'm a furry literally yesterday. i have someone working on a ref sheet for me but my fursona is still a work in progress. all i know at this point is he's a fox. haha
  19. K

    oh hello

    hi there!
  20. K

    oh hello

    why thank you =D