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    It's like 10,000 forks when all you need is a spoon.

    I've got about 5 or so photo software programs and not one that allows me to rotate an image at a customizable angle such as 33degrees or 46.8 or what have you. the catch is, I'd only need it for these 11 images then I don't see myself ever needing it again, so downloading a software program...
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    file type adjustment.

    Any way I could get a +/- 4 second .wmv file converted to a .swf file so I can upload it?
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    Reciprocating counter-commissions with interest.

    I won't get into details but between mortgage and insurance I've got some bills that are loomingly overdue by early this month of November(in fact earlier than that but not by much.). I owe large appliance insurance(due last month), tax title and reg on car(Due ~wince~ september), and mortgage...
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    My Little Po-what?!

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    Artist has been selected and contacted.
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    A quick check of your pricing commissions, and $1-40 is w/in my budget. Keep in mind though I'm waiting for all interested parties to chime in.
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    Well Zenia, that depends on what my expenses allow, and how much you're charging really. And if say the artwork and the prices of a couple of artists look good to me (Like what I see in their galleries, and they're highly affordable.) I may do more than one.).
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    well, just for personal entertainment/aesthetics really, and I thought it might be a neat idea that someone would look at and ask the artist 'Hey can you make me one of those too?! I've got this really neat pic of my dog and....' basically take a photo of an actual cat/dog/horse/bug whatever...
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    Yep, hence why I chose the 'hiring' option.
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    Choose a photograph that I've uploaded to either Deviant Art or Fur Affinity(preferably one that involves an animal) and recreate it in an anthro style. I'm not going to tell you which one(but it would be nice if you let me know which one you picked), but I've got 6 pages on my DA page to...
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    Large. Involves Cars and Furries.

    Re: Voodoo -That is good work. she looks rather overloaded right now but I decided to give her a PM.
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    Large. Involves Cars and Furries.

    Don't suppose you could whip up a few quick car sketches to toss in your scraps page could you?
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    Large. Involves Cars and Furries.

    The artist whom I had chosen for this commission is sadly no longer able to due to computer problems and other what have yous which they have not given me permission to go into detail about(mainly just life being, well, life.) So the original commission is here...
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    Vehicle dimensions

    For an image, I need to find the dimensions (length, width, height, wheelbase et al.) for a 1978 Dodge Warlock. The Li'l Red Express, or a '78 Dodge D-150, or Adventurer D-150 of similar body type would work equally as well. I also need to find the dimensions of a 1932 Ford Model B (DeLuxe?)...
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    Who can...?

    It's cars and anthros. Some of the cars/characters I have specific details on, other stuff is up to the artist. It's a panoramic piece broken down into pages. That way its easier for me to pay, easier on the artist(I would think), and easier when you upload it to FA. Timewise, I'd be nice if...
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    Who can...?

    Well, I see a few here whos anthro art looks promising Not so many on the car part though(I'd like someone who can accurately portray an existing car enough that someone who knows them better than I do can go 'hey thats a `67 Barracuda! And he drew in a really good likeness of a 3 barrel...
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    Who can...?

    Who can draw a wide variety of anthropomorphic species of all body types and ages? And is also adept at cars? If all goes well, I'd like this to be a full color series.
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    wing interaction

    M-hm,... and, what about cars that have bench seats?
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    multi-holiday rabbit.

    Funny/ cute as this could be its not enough to pay for, but I thought I'd toss it out there anyways: A rabbit, dressed in leprechaun clothes, with a valentines-style heart.