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    Go go gadget parenting skills!

    I can remember of at least six incidents in Middle Europe in the last ten years, and there will be other incidents elsewhere in the world. It's rare, but not "that" rare (however, that doesn't make it any better, of course).
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    POLL: Is suicide a variation of murder

    Well, first I wanted to post the legal definitions of the (European) countries I lived in, but it was all redundant, since every legal definition I found overlapped at the point that murder was the killing of another person (so I posted this point). Of course this doesn't say anything about...
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    POLL: Is suicide a variation of murder

    In this case you could call it "manslaughter" instead of "murder". In this case you would have to remind XeNoX about this, since it was him/her (dammit, I don't know enough about the peeps here ;)) came up with an argument about ownership of one's body (Edit because of my laziness: a thing not...
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    POLL: Is suicide a variation of murder

    @XeNoX Call it spiritual crap, but there is no such thing like possession in nature. We do not own the time we live (however we want to get paid for it), we do not own the planet we live on (no matter what nowadays usurpers claim), we do not own the air we breath. We (our bodies and mindsets)...
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    POLL: Is suicide a variation of murder

    Over here murder is defined as killing another person. So, suicide is not murder (however it's a common joke to say it's murder when the specific person is a victim of a dissociative identity disorder... but then again this person could kidnap him-/herself too :lol:). If the one who kills...
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    How much of a dragon are you?

    I know some peeps worshiping dragons that are considered non-existent even by them, and who refer to themselves as being dragons on the inside. They keep writing poems about this dragon thingy and selling candles and essential oils and herbs to me, I really like 'em. Crazy non-reconstructive...
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    Timeline: where would you live?

    Space, time and form don't matter. As long as I'm granted omnipotence there I'm fine with it :twisted:
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    AVATAR :3

    Yay! Avatar! I've finally got one! and I conjured it too ^^ (I'll cut my head out of his jaw that gone wrong but I got shoggies for free, thanks dude ^^) While i'm here, isn't that avatar awesome!? Here, check out the full pic ^^: avatar Sorry, couldn't resist ;)
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    Clarification about PG 13 forums

    Same behavior like corporate entities: If there is no elaborated and corporation based decision there will be no statement. Maybe someone wants to write something, but is not allowed, since his posts would be seen as an official statement while they are not. May or may not depend on the...
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    FA Down?

    Conspiracy theory of the moment: It has something to do with the evolution vs creation thread. The attack was controlled by aliens from planet Gurubfsjb who are pissed that there was no discussion about xenogenesis and stuff. Those who actually attacked, mesmerized by alien mind control beams...
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    If you could invite 10 people to dinner...

    My fault, when I was teached ancient history in school, I resided in Germany. Echnaton is the German spelling of the name, the pronunciation is nearly identical (except that the main form of Aten is Aton in German). ;)
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    If you could invite 10 people to dinner...

    1. Ernest Hemingway 2. Pablo Picasso 3. Friedrich Nietzsche 4. Michel Foucault 5. Guru Nanak Dev 6. Cleopatra 7. Leon Trotsky 8. Sigmund Freud 9. Megas Alexandros 10. Echnaton Edit: Only one woman. Quite depressing.
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    Government Furries

    Once been in the military - but not in the US. ;)
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    Riddles, anyone?

    Edit: Seriously, Option7's answer wins an internet :lol:
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    Riddles, anyone?

    Opinion? Vox populi? Mankind/humanity? :lol:
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    Best thing is that both threads lack a title that could be associated with the topic - here we have a "Question", and the other thread is, depending on its title, an apology. :lol: Maybe those peeps don't know about the difference between FA and FAF software. At least in a thread two weeks ago...
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    PETA Animal-Cruelty Trial

    Wouldn't say it that harsh, because too much people would be considered "animal rights activists". In Europe for example we have like a hundred of peeps who inspect long range cattle transports (since the police only controls matters of traffic security) and report to local authorities if...
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    evolution or creation

    Warning! Approaching thread length multiplying troll quote detected! But what made the Clockmaker? :P (No, I don't expect an answer ;))
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    evolution or creation

    Before the beginning was the Nonexistent Chao, balanced in Oblivion by the Perfect Counterpushpull of the Hodge and the Podge. Whereupon, by an Act of Happenstance, the Hodge began gradually to overpower the Podge, and the Primal Chaos thereby came to be. So in the beginning there was the Primal...
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    Thank an admin

    Just post a "Uhm, yeah, thanks in advance" ;) Since I never had problems with any admin/mod (at least I believe so :lol:)... hmm... no... that'd be to easy... I'd like to thank every admin for his/her/its work, except one. Guess who. (Mwahahaha, dance my little puppets, dance! :twisted:)