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    Neon Genesis Evan

    Well for me its anything with amazing mech battles or even down to earth adventure. For example I liked the movie Ninja Scroll and Vampire D becuase they were very unique but now I am desiring some mecha and just need a shove in the right direction.
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    Neon Genesis Evan

    I am thinking about purchasing this series. Before I do though does any one have any critics about it like is it worth buying or should I stick to Macross and Gundam??
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    What do you dream?

    Has any one talked in there sleep, and to make it weirder I have..... and I realised it becuase my gf explained it to me and I remembered word for word what I had said....[/u]
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    What do you dream?

    Any one else see a little green dude in there dreams that tells them to burn stuff??? jk jk Actualy the best dream I have ever had involved me and a bunch of wolves attacking caravans and I had some sort of telepathic connection going, plus it was always snowing to give that sorta wolf man...
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    Candy Pirates

    Well I am already a pirate my ship makes berth in the cove of cape hatteras I have been preyin on vessels since 1983 my name is Captain Cracked Marrow.
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    What do you dream?

    Ya my dreams are full of rage and I am pretty sure thats not a good sign, occasionaly I will have the most amazing dream with romancceee and all that jazz but when I awake Im all sketchy on the details of the dream it make me ANGRY>>
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    Opinions and Critics!

    Thanks for the advice :)
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    Opinions and Critics!

    This is an exerpt from one of my stories the set is 3 badgers on there long journey to find themselves.... I am looking for opinions on how violent or non violent to make a battle and how much high vocab or low vocab plays any opinions would be great. “Please leave us be, we mean you no...
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    Where do I?

    Hey where do I post pieces of stories on this forum not like a fanfic but like a exerpt which I want critiqued? (So I can improve)
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    Happy birthday InvaderPichu

    Happy B day!! Hope you get everything you wanted!
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    Game music?

    Guys if you want all your favorite games music and maybe a little more :) go to Overclocked.com Google it. Its free and they have all the games ever made just about with there best songs revamped and redone to be sexyyyyyy
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    Dam Keyloggers

    Ya I dont think Im feeling sucidal lol but I was angry. Ya maybe I will do other stuff now I guess. Ill go buy Okami to keep me busy ^_-
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    Microsoft Word Lock?

    What does it me document under edit lock unable to type? I havent been able to continue any of my stories or poetry becuase of this, is this a glitch or some command I activated with out knowing?
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    Any one able to wall run or I forget the term but people can do it. (You run strait up the wall or across it like prince of persia)
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    Dam Keyloggers

    let me put it this way when you have two lvl 60s thats a lot of your free time gone to waste when they have been takin away.... So it feels like all those hours of playin the game became completly worthless I cant even sell the account for money :0. On top of that my week has been bad :0 so my...
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    Dam Keyloggers

    I hate my life all my WoW stuff has been stolen and sold to vendors my accounts left bare...... Blizzards only anwser to my complaint was... We MUSt shut down your account you will be banned until we find a soulution.. I hate thieves....and I am a fox dammit...
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    What made you go Furry?

    For me its becuase of all the Star Fox and Redwall series books I was into as a kid. Ever since then I have really enjoyed the worlds they live in seeing how they are better then ours :0.
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    Im not sure but does this game involve a stylus of sorts or do you just use the controler stick to paint the attacks on the screen? Im probably gona just rent first and beat like 60 times then go and buy it for collectors lust.
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    Star Fox Command... FANBOI GALORE!

    Assault wasnt that bad, it was just to easy.....
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    Sword of truth!@

    Well all in all his books have gone a little down hill, Phantoms was a breath of fresh air from all the crap he wrote. In my opinion Faith of the Fallen is the best book.