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    Who are your favorite directors?

    David Cronenberg - The Fly, Videodrome, Eastern Promises John Carpenter - They Live, The Thing, Escape From New York Nicolas Wending-Refn - Valhalla Rising, Drive, Bronson Park-Chan Wook - The Vengeance Trilogy, Thirst Martin Scorcese - Goodfellas, Bringing Out the Dead John Woo - Hard Boiled...
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    Best film I've seen all year. I'm a fan of the comics since I was thirteen and this held up to my every expectation! Shame the chance of a sequel's fucked, no thanks to the USA...
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    What was the last show you've watched?

    First season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, absolutely fantastic stuff, such sharp writing. I find a little too much of myself in Larry David...
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    Furries in doubt?

    I don't think you'll miss out on anything by feeling left out of any internet community. You will miss out on a good chunk of your wallet if you buy one of those horrid costumes though, that's for sure.
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    Why do some people encourage shitty fanart?

    Obscure fetish = lower standards.
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    Hullo hullo hullo!

    Hahah, cheers!
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    Hullo hullo hullo!

    How goes it, folks? I'm Bone Marrow Man -not the personifcation of the tissue that resides within your skeletal structure, but rather just a regular ol' nerdy artist dude from Ireland. I don't really do the whole furry shebang like most seem to do, I draw a bit of the art sometime and that's...