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    Windows 7 Beta: Should I upgrade?

    Unfortunately, given my lack of experience with Vista, I can only keep to the facts without relative comparisons. In light of that, question #2 you can look at [this chart] wherein 'Custom Install' means losing old files and 'In Place' means an upgrade without loss. Again, due to that strange...
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    help with a downloading problem

    Odd question, but from where are you posting this - another computer, or the one which is having technical difficulties? It's a silly question, but hey :).
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    BsOD at boot, Vista[32]

    I remember the first time I started using Linux seriously, I was dumbstruck by the concept of 'root'. And seriously, where were my lettered drives? It took a half-hour or so to memorize equivalents of things, and just, in general, to adjust to the differing mindset these devs had compared to...
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    BsOD at boot, Vista[32]

    Super-simple: just connect to your laptop through whatever means possible, then copy your important files out! :D Alright, a little more detail: if both your laptop and your desktop are connected to your local area network (like, both of their ethernet cables feed into the same router), try...
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    BsOD at boot, Vista[32]

    [This] Experts-Exchange article mentions how to disable the automatic restart after blue screens - maybe you could use it if the photographic approach fails? It involves some registry editing, so you should be comfortable with that, otherwise forget it. I'd also like to second trying a Linux...
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    Profile configuration

    So far as I know it isn't possible, however; if you don't identify yourself as a visual artist what will you be uploading? If your intent is to use your profile as a social tool, bear in mind that the website you're visiting was designed with artists in mind - if I recall correctly, there are...
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    Media Library-based players suck

    Not intending to sound like a broken record, but MP3tag does support tagging by [folder hierarchy] ... I'm probably missing something, but hey. Oooh, and 'veteran' was a reference to your technical ability, not your age; sorry for the misunderstanding.
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    Media Library-based players suck

    Given that you guys are practically computing veterans you'll probably already know about it, but if all of the song's metadata is in its name (or directory) you could try a batch script along with [MP3Tag]. Hope that helps :).
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    What tablet and software best to use?

    Photoshop is all you'll need, however, if you want that wonderful pressure sensitivity that Wacoms provide, I believe only the most recent versions of Photoshop include it as default functionality. The GIMP and Inkscape offer occasionally spotty tablet support, but will do so for free in case...
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    Uses for a Server?

    Congratulations on your new IBM System x3450 (or x345, apparently) 1U, rack mount server; in case you haven't identified it yet :).
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    Uses for a Server?

    I'm ready to say file server, or media server, but ... it's asking to be used for something better. That server has a higher calling, yet I just can't grasp what it could be. Are you into 3D art? I don't think many renderers support GPU acceleration (but I'm not an artist, so yeah) so it'd...
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    Unfortunately, I don't think that'll work as the server redirects to a different URL entirely (something about anti-leech, or some such) after detecting a hot link - you'll just refresh that image. Edit: Nice backgroud, by the way; and you must have the most awesome monitor ever.
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    Azbulldog: Copy -> paste the link into a new window or tab. They're just checking the referral page, they'll even let you see it if you disable the referrers all together :D.
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    Azbulldog: that's an odd response, given that one implies the other. Do you mean you'll use homebrew, but not to pirate games? Edit: Oh right, there's a topic here to respond to as well. Heh. Mine serves as a media center; the Wiimote seems to compliment said usage well.
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    Need suggestions for new graphics card

    Not meaning to argue semantics, but when you say that PhysX is a [chip] ... But on the topic of video cards, were I in the market for one, I would likely buy an nVidia card for that marvelous [CUDA] action. ATI has a similar API, but judging solely on the number of projects running on the...
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    Camera shopping

    Aah, I've got it. Google says it has to do with the colours, or rather, how they're stored. You've already touched upon why storing it outside of the sRGB colourspace is unimportant, how no monitor can display it and how no printer could print it - but what about in ten years? Your FLACs are...
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    Camera shopping

    Runefox: Just a guess, but I'd say it's because very few cameras on the market implement TIFF or PNG - the two cameras listed above don't, and extrapolating from available data, no other camera does either.
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    Get rid of the fracking BBCode, or whatever it is

    'Go Advanced - Preview Post' (it's right there to the right of 'Submit Reply'). Edit: Aah, crap, sorry. I really should learn to read the entire thread before replying.
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    Whats your favorite pointing device?

    A tub of [mud]. In all seriousness, though; the generic keyboard and mouse that came with this computer are a-okay for nearly everything. My only regret is not having one of those marvelous [Model M] keyboards I've heard ravings of, but I suppose it wouldn't be that much of a benefit for...
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    Computer Retarded

    Just a point of interest, laptops will typically cost more for similar specs - its ability to run software - in comparison to desktop computers. In light of that, if you're wanting to play recent video games, it would be more cost effective to purchase a desktop (not to metion possible at all...